Halley Bay - 1995


Notable events/features of the year


Yamin-AliS.S.(Steve)WBC, AIS Physicist
BellM.H.(Martin 'Dozer')Tractor mechanic
DigbyJ.R.(John)VLF Physicist
ElvinT.J.(Tim)Field GA
EvansJ.D.(Jon)Met, Physicist
HartG.A.(Graeme)Met. Physicist
LornieE.S.(Erik)Electr Eng, Physicist
MassarellaA.J.(Al)Electr Eng, Physicist
NemethJ.(Joe 'Spuggie')Diesel mechanic
O'SullivanJ.P.(John)Communications Mgr
ParsleyR.G.(Rich)Steel Erector
PhillipsA.P.(Andre)Electronic Engineer


Base photo:
Halley base photo, 1995
Back row: John O'Sullivan, Andre Phillips, Martin Bell, Tim Elvin, Adrian Holden, Rich Parsley, Barry Morton, Dave Noden, Jon Evans, Erik Lornie
Front row: Graeme Hart, Steve Marshall, John Digby, Sean Brown, Joe Nemeth, Al Massarella, Steve Yamin-Ali
Photo by Tim Elvin
Colour version

Midwinter photo:

Halley Midwinter photo, 1995
Back row: Rich Parsley, Dave Noden, Sean Brown, Adrian Holden, Steve Marshall, Tim Elvin, Joe Nemeth, Erik Lornie, Jon Evans
Front row: Andre Phillips, Martin Bell, Al Massarella, Steve Yamin-Ali, Graeme Hart, John O'Sullivan, Barry Morton, John Digby
Photo by Tim Elvin

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Steve Marshall writes:

I am now the present Halley Station Manager (Base Commander) I will be very happy to answer any questions about the present day operations at Halley. Please contact me at smar@bas.ac.uk. [25 April 2002] After four very eventful summers seasons in the BC hot seat I moved over to Rothera and completed two further seasons in the BC role. I have now moved to the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and based in Oxfordshire. [16 January 2006]

Andre Phillips writes:

This is the first Austral summer in 7 years that I haven't been located in Antarctica, and it's a revolutionary feeling to experience a good ol' *hot* Aussie summer. For the last 5 years I've spent the summers at the South Pole, with max temperatures (around christmas time) of around -20C (and around -50C when I left, usually February 12th... the last flight out from Pole). [7 January 2002]

John O'Sullivan comments:

An extraordinary time and place. [24 May 2002]

Tim Elvin:

1995 was the first time of the Mid Winter "Running of the Bulls" An idea inspired by the TV show Northern Exposure most of the base members ran around the ACB in just Mukluks (a cool still air -35 if I recall) I believe the tradition I started continue today!! more ... [29 March 2003]
See also contributions by Graham Chambers, Mike Pinnock, Mick Roscoe and Dave Cruse.

Graeme Hart on a similar theme:

I read the discourse on Halley streaking with interest. I gave that one a miss, but am reminded of the person who decided to test whether flesh really does stick to metal in low temperatures by licking one of the base legs. Needless to say his tongue adhered to the 10 ton chunk of metal quite effectively. He was so embarassed that he tried to hide the injury from the rest of the base members. Some weeks later someone else tested the same theory with a camera tripod! [13 October 2003]

David Noden says:

The Winter of 95'.... still ranks amongst the most memorable, eventful and at times emotional times of my life.... as regards to anecdotes...too numerous to mention.... maybe not the keenest cook to be employed by B.A.S. but shared a lot of good times at Halley (en route and on the way back !!..) To all of 95'.. All the very best for 06'... [3 January 2006]


Summer 1994-95

DrewittT.P.(Tim)Steel Erector
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
SmithA.J.(Andy)HQ Physicist
VarleyM.J.(Martin)Research Meteorologist

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