Halley Bay - 1994


Notable events/features of the year

  • Lowest recorded pressure: 930.0 mb
  • Most days with drift: 222 days of the year.


BondJ.J.(John)Steel Erector
DeanN.B.(Nigel)Tractor mechanic
DigbyJ.R.(John)VLF Physicist
HartG.A.(Graeme)Met. Physicist
HunterJ.A.(John 'Axe')Chef
LornieE.S.(Erik)Electr Eng, Physicist
MassarellaA.J.(Al)Electr Eng, Physicist
NedenG.P.(Graham)Met. Physicist
SummersT.M.(Tim)Communications Mgr
WhittingtonP.J.(Paul)Met. physicist
Yamin-AliS.S.(Steve)AIS Physicist


Base photo:
Halley base photo, 1994
Back row: Damian Kemp, John Digby, Steve Yamin-Ali
Middle row: Simon Jones, Graeme Hart, Nigel Dean, Steve Dow, Tim Carpenter, Al Massarella, Erik Lornie, Shaun Brown, John Hunter
Front row: Brian Mallon, Tim Summers, Paul Whittington, Graham Neden, John Bond
Photo by Graham Neden
Graham says: "This was taken with a sample of the empty drums we dug up from the drum dump to be crushed and sent back to Stanley for disposal outside Antarctica."
Colour version

The Signpost

Halley signpost Signpost
Pictures by Mike Beaty

The snowblower in action

The snowblower in action
Picture by Graeme Hart

Halley III - emerging from the ice cliffs

Halley III - emerging from the ice cliffs
Halley III 'seeing the light of day again'. Built in 1973 inside Armco steel tubing and abandoned in 1982. Photo taken from the air, 1993/94 season.
Picture by Andy Alsop
From the BAS image library ref: 10000112; used with permission. No unauthorised copying.

Other information, anecdotes etc.


Summer 1993-94

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield

29 May 2015
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