Halley Bay - 1993


Notable events/features of the year


BrownD.A.H.(Dave)Steel Erector
BurkeyS.(Shaun)AIS Physicist
HeronS.R.L.(Simon)PACE Eng, Physicist
HunterJ.A.(John 'Axe')Chef
LawtonM.W(Mike "Mr Nido")Diesel mechanic
LeachM.J.(Mike)Electronics engineer
MorganA.B.(Andy)GA, Tractors DM
MorrisonS.J.(Stuart)Met, Physicist
NedenG.P.(Graham)Met. Physicist
SummersT.M.(Tim)Communications Mgr
SuttleI.V.F.(Ian)AIS Engineer
WhittingtonP.J.(Paul)Met. physicist
YeoR.F.(Richard 'Naff')VLF Scientist


Base photo:
Halley base photo, 1993
Back row (left): Tim Summers, Paul Drury, Graham Neden; (right) Shaun Burkey, Richard Yeo, Donald Thomas;
Middle row (left): Mike Lawton, Ian Suttle; (right) Paul Whittington, John Hunter, Rob Weight, Stuart Morrison;
Front row: Richard Pedley, Dave Brown, Mike Leach, Simon Heron, Andy Morgan.
Photo by Mike Leach

The unofficial base photo:

Halley alternative base photo, 1993
On tractor:
Back: Paul Whittington, Andy Morgan, Richard Yeo, Shaun Burkey
Middle: Paul Drury, Graham Neden
Front, sitting: Donald Thomas, Rob Weight
To right of tractor:
Back: Mike Lawton, Simon Heron
Front: Richard Pedley
In front of tractor:
Mike Leach, Dave Brown, Ian Suttle, Stuart Morrison, Tim Summers, John Hunter
Photo by Graham Neden

Richard Yeo's Antarctic photo gallery

Shaun Burkey's pictures.

The oil drum H:

The oil drum H
Bransfield arriving at 2nd call 1992-93 season, framed by the oil drum 'H' on the clifftop by Maggie's Ditch.
Photo by Charlie Robb
From the BAS image library ref: 10004285; used with permission. No unauthorised copying.

Space Sciences Platform:

Space Sciences Platform
Space Sciences Platform aka Piggott Building
Photo by Grahm Neden

Other information, anecdotes etc.

On the subject of motorbikes at Halley, Dave Brown says:
We had one during the winter of 1993. It belonged to Ian Suttle and was an MZ, maybe 250 cc but I'm not sure. He rode it between platforms once if I remember correctly. [15 January 2006]

Shaun Burkey recalls a skidoo prang:

I remember one night when I went out to look for Mike Lawton, after I'd drunk . . . . . . . , contrast was very bad, and I managed to drive down the hole that was the entrance ramp to the temporary accomodation for the summer build crew. I fell about 4 foot and hit the opposite wall at quite a speed and managed to head-butt the handlebars / screen and bit through my bottom lip, ended up in the surgery in hysterics with Les Whittamore (BC) standing over me tutting a lot. Happy Days! [13 June 2006]

The Observatory (Shaun Burkey)

A model of Halley V and Hungarian Cricket (Dave Brown)


Summer 1992-93

ArberM.C.E.(Maurice)Tractor Mechanic
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
LindsayM.R.(Mel)Tractor/Genny mech
Ian Isted:
The Summer tour to construct and fit out the Garage, was by far one of the best few months of my life! [8 June 2007]

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