Halley Bay - 1979


Notable events/features of the year


CooperP.J.(Pat 'Bugle')Ionosphericist
GreenA.J.(Andrew)Radio Operator
JarvisN.J.(Nick)Met, Physicist
JenkinsP.J.(Pete 'Mekon')Geophysicist
Lachlan-CopeT.A.(Tom)Met. physicist
SpeareyA.G.(Andy 'Wurzel')Tractor mechanic
WardA.J.(Alan)Met, Physicist
WestmacottG.D.(Graham)Met, Physicist


Brae, Muff, Ralph, Tom.


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1979
G Westmacott - J Scotcher - P Jenkins - J Williams - P Witty - C Morrel - A Speary - T Cope
N Jarvis - C Johnson - M Leeson - M Hood - A Ward - M Roscoe - A Green - D Walton
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Halley 3 - 1979
Halley 3 - 1979Picture by Chris Johnson
Looking approximately south, a shaft-top scene typical of any of the subsurface bases Halley I-IV. The base itself is far below the snow surface. The access shaft top has a light (useful only in the winter), a gantry for hauling heavy or awkward loads, access ladder, feeder cables to the radio-communication rhombic aerial, the flag (of course), and the Underground sign which was there for many years. Nearby is one of the ubiquitous shovels. Another shaft top is visible in the background. Snocat with rear extension. The arms of the signpost which are visible read: London 8870; Mobster Creek 3; Cape Town 3180; Sanae 590; Everest 8125; Tottanfjella 256; Gryviken 1462; 3rd Chip 2. The latter shows how close to the coast the base was. [Comments by Andy Smith, 26/05/2002]. More.

More pictures by Chris Johnson.

Mobster Creek
Mobster CreekPicture by Mike Hood
Mike: "This picture shows the Halley Base sited next to Mobster Creek. The Ice cliffs rise 200 feet above the sea. This is looking south towards the pole."

More pictures by Mike Hood.

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Mick Roscoe:
Re: Tim Elvin on Mid Winter "Running of the Bulls". Presume this refers to a 'streak' around base. If so then I don't think Tim Elvin can lay claim to the idea. Most of the base members in my 3 winters,1979, 1980 and 1986 took part in the 'tradition' We were only following in our predecessors footprints and do not claim to have started it. Any idea when it started? [22 April 2003]
See also contributions by Graham Chambers, Mike Pinnock and Dave Cruse.
Andy Spearey:
Wintered in Z3 and heavily involved in Z4 & Z5 building programs. [15 Dec 2015]
A kitchen waste pipe burst in August, adding a further 10 drums worth of "technicolour ice" under the living block, which all had to be chipped out and removed.


Summer 1978-79

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield

2 Apr 2022
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