Halley Bay - 1978


Notable events/features of the year

  • Most days with gales: 90 days of the year.
  • IH tractor, rescued from a crevasse in 1972, falls through sea ice. Driver Pete Witty has a narrow escape. more..
  • Three men visiting the VLF plateau station are caught in bad weather and their tents disintegrate. They survive.
  • Allman, Gilbert, Leeson and Parker are the last to visit Halley-I. more..
  • Three dogs (Ralph, Tom and Nadine) arrived on Bransfield from Base E (Stonington Is.), 4 January 1978.


AllmanA.W.(Andy)VLF Physicist
BaymanP.C.F.(Pete)Radio Operator
+BradfordW.J.(John 'JB')Geophysicist
FreelandW.A.(William 'Bill')Doctor
GilbertK.J.(Kevin 'Smuggler')DM
+HoulcroftM.E.(Michael 'Bunny')Tractor mechanic
Lachlan-CopeT.A.(Tom)Met. physicist
PinnockM.(Mike 'Tiger')Ionosphericist
RogersW.G.(William 'Trigger')Electrician
SomertonI.W.(Ian 'Pedro')Geophysicist
+ Deceased


Brae, Muff, Nadine, Ralph, Tom.

Ionosphericist Mike Pinnock was the 1978 dog man, blessed with three new arrivals from Base E on Stonington Island - Nadine, Tom and Ralph. Mike was an enthusiastic dog man under whose guidance the dogs chalked up about 1600 miles on local sledging trips and ski-joring ventures, with the ageing Muff still leading. [Keith Holmes, 11 January 2006]

"Nadine was a very nervous bitch who died during the year with stomach ulcers. Ralph was considered to be a balanced dog, and Tom was a very strong, long-haired animal who worked hard but was regarded as a cowardly cheat. Brae remained as cunning as ever, and the group was somewhat dysfunctional." [Base Z Dog Report, 1978; BAS Archives file AD6/2Z/1978/V]


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1978
M Mosley - M Leeson - G Westmacott - T Lachlan Cope - M Houlcroft - J Parker - BJ Adams - M Howes - W Freeland - D Conder
M Pinnock - A Allman - K Gilbert - P Bayman - I Somerton - W Rogers - J Bradford
Muff- Brae
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Sno-cat with sledges and cabooose en route to BP02 [Bob-Pi route]; September 1978, laying drum line.Picture by Andy Allman

More pictures by Andy Allman

Field trip camp
Summer field trip camp.Picture by Bill Freeland

More pictures by Bill Freeland

Oral History Recording

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Mike Pinnock recalls:
Andy Allman, returning for his third winter at Halley at the beginning of 1978, brought in a Japanese trials bike (150 or 250 cc) which wintered with us. As I recall, Andy did a few runs on it in summer (Feb 1978) but could never get it to run reliably during the winter months. I think he eventually sold it to an outgoing winterer who intended to use it on a South American jolly. [18 January 2006]

Jim Parker says:

Thank God I'm not there now! Even with all the improvements. I don't really mean that - I'd love to go back. [20 March 2007]

Bill Freeland says:

1978 was a busy year medically with a number of difficult problems on base and at the other bases. It was a privilege to work with those who were there and I pay tribute to those that followed medical instructions over the radio. Those of you were there will know that some of my requests for medical examinations to be carried out over the radio seemed very strange but in the end all went home well. [09 July 2012]

Cary Torres notes:

I've just been to the zfids website and saw various comments about a blow up doll. I remember getting a phone call from Miles Moseley's mum who had gone out to buy one for him but I can't remember whether it was to go into the 20 pound parcel that everyone got sent or as a midwinter present, I would imagine the latter! [13 June 2011] [At the time Carys (then Carys Williams) worked in the BAS Cambridge office. --Ed.]


Pictures around Halley set to music: video by Bill Freeland.

Summer 1977-78

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
+LimbertD.W.S.(David)HQ Chief Met
+ Deceased

David Limbert recalls:

I found Halley Metmen still using Upper Air TEMP Synoptic Coding that had been superseded several years earlier because ex-Halley FIDS told Met Office that it was Antarctic Practice which was a remarkable piece of negative feedback! Introduced some new and better chart recorders. Cut back the amount of stats, but introduced a monthly MetRep to back up International CLIMATS and CLIMAT TEMPS that often did not reach World Weather Centres.
HOSPITALITY GREAT- AND EVEN ENJOYED GASH. Had a marvellous time including visits to Grillage Village, and the last bit of Halley 1. Found the Armco Tube environment claustrophobic compared to HALLEY 1. [14/04/2006]

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