Halley Bay - 1996


Notable events/features of the year

  • First women, Kate Charles and Lucy Yeomans, winter


MortonB.J.S.(Barry)WBC, Meteorologist
CharlesK.(Kate)Research Physicist
CobbettN.J.(Neil)VLF Scientist
EdmundsD.R.(Darren 'Daz Bananas')Plumber
GrieveM.B.(Moray)VLF Scientist
JacobsK.D.(Chris 'ChrissyJ')Tractor mechanic
KirwanS.E.(Séamus)Communications Mgr
NemethJ.(Joe 'Spuggie')Diesel mechanic
OldroydJ.(Jon)Electronics Engineer
ParsleyR.G.(Richard)Steel Erector
SmithD.(Duncan)Electronics Engineer


Base photo:
Halley base photo, 1996
Back row: Duncan Smith, Chris Jacobs, Moray Grieve, Eamonn Liddle, Darren Edmunds, Jon Oldroyd, Rob Curtis, Robin Wiltshire, Dave Routledge
Front row: Barry Morton, Lucy Yeomans, Joe Nemeth, Phil Heath, Niel Cobbett, Kate Charles, Seamus Kerwin, Richard Parsley
Photo supplied by Phil Heath

Halley at the close of winter
Halley at the close of winter. Picture by Jon Oldroyd

More pictures by Jon Oldroyd.

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Chris Jacobs:
My time spent at Halley was one of the best experiences of my life, those two winters were a wonder from freezing temps amazing trips out to the penguins but most of all a chance to meet new and amazing people. After two winters 96/97 I returned home and felt that there was something missing, snow! after one christmas back home I just needed another fix and ended up working for A.N.I. as it used to be called. After four seasons with the tourist company, making runways and going to the Pole I then had the opportunity to winter at Rothera in 2003. An equally amazing time and with the Bonner lab being rebuilt a chance for another smaller Halley winterer's reunion. Dave Routledge, Dazz banana's, JD, Richard Parsley and myself. Since this trip I have gone back to work at Patriot Hills with ALE the company that has taken over from A.N.I. I'm currently the senior mechanic and responsible for all the machines, making the runway for the IL76 and skiways for Twin's and ski equipped US Hercs. I love the job and get to work with some pretty unusual projects from sky divers, helicopters and expeditions. I couldn't be doing the things I now love and do if I had not experienced life at Halley first. Thanks to all that made that time so special! [20 April 2007]

Eamonn Liddle reports:

Seem to have lost touch with most people, now living in Rio de Janeiro and work in Yemen [8 June 2006]


Summer 1995-96

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
MurrayJ.W.(Jason)Steel erector

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