Halley Bay - 1997


Notable events/features of the year

  • Lowest annual mean temperature: -21.2°C
  • Most days with snow: 223 days of the year.


BellM.H.(Martin)WBC, Generator mechanic
AuldV.J.(Vicky) Meteorologist
CharlesK.(Kate) Research Physicist
DaviesJ.A.(John 'JD') Electrician
EarleD.N.(David 'Gretchen')Radio operator
EdmundsD.R.(Darren 'Daz Bananas')Plumber
JacobsK.D.(Chris 'ChrissyJ')Tractor mechanic
MaxfieldD.J.(David 'DJMAX') Electronics Engineer
OldroydJ.(Jon) Electronics Engineer
RobinsonR.C.(Richard) Meteorologist
SmithD.(Duncan)Electronics Engineer
StrachanP.J.(John 'The Count')Steel Erector


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1997
Back row: Kate Charles, Eamon Liddle, Vicky Auld, John Blunn, Phil Heath, Richard Robinson, Martin Bell, Duncan Smith, Chris Jacobs
Front row: David Maxfield, John Davies, John Strachan, David Earle, John Oldroyd, Jon Lund, Darren Edmunds
Picture by David Earle

Aurora picture taken over Halley
Aurora over HalleyPhoto: Jon Oldroyd.
John Davies ski-joring
John Davies ski-joringPhoto supplied by John Davies.

Oral History Recording

Vicky Auld

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Arriving at Halley - Vicky Auld (audio clip 49s). This was recorded as part of the British Antarctic Oral History Project.
Date of interview: 30 Oct 2010; Interviewer: Chris Eldon Lee; Funded by BAS Club; Copyright: NERC-BAS.
The full interview may be accessed on the BAS Club website. The original interview and transcript are held in the BAS Archives, reference number AD6/24/1/104.


Summer 1996-97

HurleyJ.W.(James 'Abe')Technical Assistant - Steel Erector Team
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
VarleyM.J.(Martin)Research Meteorologist
WrightD.A.(Dougie "Terrie")Electrician

Dougie Wright says:

Remember we got stuck in the ice for a couple of weeks, anyone else out there who was on the ship with us? [27 Apr 2005]

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