Halley Bay - 2003


Notable events/features of the year

  • First year of operation of the "CASLab" (Clean Air Sampling Laboratory).
  • Smallest wintering party since 1959 (14).


McGoldrickP.G.(Patrick)WBC, Steel erector
BartonG.P.(Graeme 'Golden Bells')Diesel Mechanic
ColleyS.R.(Stuart)Met. Physicist
CowieE.M.(Elaine)Met. Physicist
FauxA.C.(Annette)Met. Physicist
LockeR.(Russ)Electronic Engineer
MaltbyM.(Mark)Electronic Engineer
NorrishB.R.(Ben)Vehicle Mechanic
ShortmanR.S.(Rob)Mech Serv Tech
StewartM.(Mark)Comms & Data Manager
ThomasA.M.(Allan "Tommo")Electrician
TorodeP.M.(Paul)Field GA


Base photo (December)
Halley base photo, December 2003
Back row: Ben Norrish; Patrick Mc Goldrick; Craig Nicholson
Middle row: Stuart Colley; Graeme Barton; Allan (Tommo) Thomas; Mark Maltby; Paul Torode; Mark Stewart
Front: Russ Locke; Rob Shortman; Elaine Cowie; Annette Faux; Gavin Francis
Photo by Mark Maltby

Mid-winter photo

Halley midwinter photo, 2003
Back row: Mark Stewart, Mark Maltby, Graeme Barton, Rob Shortman, Gavin Francis.
Middle Row: Patrick McGoldrick, Stuart Colley, Paul Torode, Elaine Cowie, Annette Faux.
Lower Row: Craig Nicholson, Russ Locke, Allan Thomas, Ben Norrish

10 year reunion - 2013

Halley V station map

More pictures

Extreme Ironing

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Allan "Tommo" Thomas:
I arrived on 2nd call in 2003, and missed relief, and then in 2004 I got a jolly flight to Rothera over relief!!, so my last summer, was my first relief at Halley....got a lot of stick for that naturally... [13/02/2005]
Gavin Francis:
Do you know if the Emperor penguin chicks I stuffed are still in the bar in Halley, or did they rot?!  The penguin taxidermy notes in the surgery specified borax to treat the skins, but I had to use rock salt instead... [26/02/2010] [Response from Charlie Robb.]


Summer 2002-03

ArendtJ.(Jo)Medical research
RodwellS.(Shane)Electronics Technician
SmithA.J.(Andy)HQ Physicist

Jo Arendt says:

My visits to Halley via the ES were undoubtedly the most stimulating and interesting events of my professional life. [29/06/2004]

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