Halley Bay - 1990


Notable events/features of the year

  • 1990 was the first winter that Halley 5 was occupied. The 10-man construction crew spent their winter separately from the main party, which was quartered at the deteriorating subterranean Halley 4, a dozen miles away to the west.


Halley 4

BatemanA.P.(Adrian 'Aids')BC
ConderJ.E.(Jim)PACE Eng, Physicist
+FarquharI.A.(Ian)AIS Physicist
FilmerK.R.(Keith)AIS, DM
IngleD.J.(Dave)VLF Scientist
LadkinR.S.(Russ)Met, Physicist
LloydS.G.(Steve)Communications Mgr
ReadmanP.J.(Peter)Base Assistant
RoseM.C.(Mike)Electronics engineer
RussellA.(Alan "Plod")Tractor Mechanic
StuartM.R.(Mark)Electronics engineer
+ Deceased

Halley 5

O'SullivanA.J.("Paddy") Team Leader
ButterworthL.A.(Larry)Diesel mechanic
+ Deceased


Base photo (Halley 4):
Halley (Z4) base photo, 1990
M Rose - J Conder - L Whittamore
D Ingle - P Readman - A Russell - R Ladkin - E Hunter - M Wamsley - J Ross - A Bateman
I Farquhar - K Filmer - A Tait
S Caines - M Stuart - S Lloyd - N Bracken - N Carrington
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Base photo (Halley 5):

Halley (Z5) base photo, 1990
Stapleton - O'Sullivan - McGoldrick - Mountjoy - Davies - Bailey - Butterworth - Gray - Massey - Wallis
Picture supplied by Patrick Mc Goldrick

Alternative group photo

Gin Bottle
The "Gin Bottle".Picture by Steve Davies

More pictures by Steve Davies, and more!

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Patrick McGoldrick writes:
Anyone out there who knows me get in touch. [12 September 2002]
A few of the 1990 Halley 5 original 10 man team winterers are getting together before the end of 2012. It would be great if any of the original team that we have not heard from in such a long time would like to get in touch to join us. Just click on my Email address and send me a message, hope to hear from you soon. Patrick,
pmcgo@yahoo.co.uk [23 October 2012]

Mark Stuart writes: "I was the AIS engineer, Scottish." [27 December 2004]
(Not to be confused with Mark Stewart: 2000, 2002, 2003)

Larry Butterworth:
Regarding the bar top at Z5. It was made by Dave Wallis and Pat McGoldrick in the winter of 90/91. We decided to make something a bit 'special' as at that time there were minimal facilities in the base as we were fitting it out as we lived in it. If I remember correctly they used some brass shim from my supply, and it was made at the same time as the continent shaped plaque that was on the wall behind the bar. At that time the bar was christened 'Rita's bar' named after a
blow up doll of all things! [29 March 2005] (The Halley 5 bar)

Skidoos at Z5

Jonathan Ross: ". . . and yes, a skidoo was driven off the Z5 platform, (but not by me!)." [6 July 2006]

Glyn Mountjoy: "I was a member of the first wintering team at Halley 5, and worked on the rebuild." [20 March 2010]


Summer 1989-90

AdamsB.G.(Brad)Engineer Technician
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
LindsayM.R.(Mel)Tractor mech
NolanM.('Spike')Construction RE

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