Halley Bay - 1989


Notable events/features of the year


BurnsS.(Steve)GA, Tractors
ClarkB.W.(Barry)Communications Mgr
CruseD.J.(Dave / DaveC / Cruzzie)Base Assistant
FilmerK.R.(Keith)AIS, DM
FreshwaterR.A.(Ray)Met. Physicist
IngleD.J.(Dave)VLF Scientist
LeonardJ.M.(Mark)Electronics Engineer
RoseM.C.(Mike)Electronics engineer
SalterS.R.(Simon)AIS Engineer
+SquiresJ.A.C.(James)Met, Physicist
+TownsendD.J.(Dave "Dave T")Diesel mechanic
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1989
Left of tower:
Simon Levitt
Dave Townsend
Mark Walmsley
Keith Filmer
Neil Carrington
Jo Adlard
Right of tower:
Mark Leonard
Rory O'Conor
Mike Rose
Dave Ingle
Dave Cruse
Standing: Simon Salter, Ewan Hunter, Ray Freshwater, Andy Tait, Phil Clarke, Barry Clark
Kneeling: Donny Stewart, James Squires
Picture supplied by Ginette Squires

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Brad Adams writes:
Spent two great summers helping build Halley V as the site engineer. Loads of slides of the construction phase (maybe someday I'll get round to saving them in digital format). [21 November 2004]

Simon Levitt:
I wintered at Halley 4 in 1989 and 2 summers on the Halley 5 site installing all kinds of wierd plumbing systems. Just recently digitized my film slides, what a fantastic experience. [8 Jun 2011]


Summer 1988-89

AdamsB.G.(Brad)RE Survey Engineer
BenistonG.D.(Gary)Mechanic/Crane Driver
HandleyT.M.(Tim)Snow Blower Operator Mechanic
HopperR.W.(Rob)Crane Driver
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
WigleyR.D.(Russel "Welsh/tart")Steel Erector

Rob Hopper: "I was there for the Halley 4/5 rebuild between October 1988 and March 1989. Had a fantastic time and met a lot of very interesting people in a wonderful part of the world: why I didn't try and go back for a second stint I'll never know !!!!" [16 January 2005]

Tim Handley: "I worked as the (nightshift) snowblower operator/mechanic with Stevie Burns on the Halley V rebuild. A fantastic experience and a great bunch of guys. I used to hang out with some of the Royal Engineer lads - Smudge, H, Paul Thorneycroft, Gary B - would be good to hear from them again (and of course I remember Brad).
I recall the shift change snowball ambush/fights that used to take place each morning/evening - toward the end of the summer it got very sophisticated with a redundant sledge converted into a battle wagon complete with tower and outrider skidoos for support (with bucket saddlebags containing ready made snowballs - I have photos). We lay in wait for the day shift sledge and then let rip - I'm laughing as I type this. I now work as an IT manager in an investment bank in the City :|" [6 June 2007]

Gary Beniston: "A fantastic job, an experience of a life time. I felt truly privileged to work and meet great people, in such a beautiful place." [28 April 2012]

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