Halley Bay - 1986


Notable events/features of the year

  • Halley's Comet observing programme
  • Weather satellite receiver installed
  • New AIS and VLF huts


AultS.(Steve 'Salty')Cook
ClarkT.D.G.(Toby)VLF Scientist
HowesM.K.(Mike)Tractor mechanic
McDaidC.J.(Chris)AIS Engineer
RowM.G.(Mark 'Sluggy')Meteorologist
SmithM.(Malcolm 'Mal')Electrician
TraceyM.(Mike)Radio Operator
+WhiteheadG.J.(Gary)Met, Physicist
WoodG.(Graham)AIS, DM
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1986
Lodge Ault
Aslin Clark
Tracey McDaid   Howes Whitehead
RoscoeLurcock ChappelRow
MaggsSmith WoodChristie
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Pictures by Dale Heaton

Visit to Halley-3; pictures by Dale Heaton

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Dale Heaton:
I was more commonly known as "Central" aka Central Heaton or by a well known exceedingly drunken Irish AIS Tech ......Deeel, Deeel, Deeel!!
Even funnier was the time Ash Morton, a very respected Rothera Field G.A. came over in a Twotter to do some work on the Plateau. He didn't respond very well to the call of....Osh....Osh...Osh!!
Chris McDead? where are you now!! [21 Jan 2002]

Pat Lurcock* comments:

In response to Mick Daly's wondering about whether the fids still watch 'The Last Tram', I have it at KEP on video and manage to subject the KEP fids to it most years. And if that isn't enough they get 'Cattlecarters' and 'Holiday' too. Sadly I didn't get 'Bars of Silver', which would have been much more suitable for a fisheries research lab!.
The real regret is not making a video copy of Fuchs & Hillary's Antarctic Crossing film.
And so we say, 'farewell old tram'.

For anyone missing it: http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/virtual/film/film_elephant.shtml Isn't the interweb wonderful! Never had internet in the Antarctic in my day....etc etc etc.
[01 Apr 2006] [This link no longer works, but you can now see The Elephant will never forget 1952 on YouTube, or here -- Ed. 25/05/2015]

* Pat was Marine Officer at King Edward Point, South Georgia until 2017. More...

In reply to which, Phil Anderson says:

Rest assured Pat, the 16 mm projector is still alive and (fairly) well, and the old favourites are still popular, even in this digital age. BAS and the Halley VI project are both very keen to ensure that the history of the base is maintained during the imminent move. So, the films, along with other memorabilia will find a place at VI.

"...you'd think they were afraid of old ghosts". (LT Fans, please correct the quote!)

And in a similar vein for everyone else who's wintered at Halley. If the question is:-
"First second third fourth..... reverse?"
what is the answer?
[14 Jun 2006]

See also comments by Mike Durrant and Charlie Robb.


Summer 1985-86

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
+LimbertD.W.S.(David)HQ Chief Met
SpencerD.E.(David)2nd Steward
+ Deceased

12 May 2023
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