Halley Bay - 1984


Notable events/features of the year


AttewV.J.C.(Vernon 'Slack')Geophysicist
CavanaghP.J.(Pete)Heat and vent engineer
DaviesP.L.(Pete)Tractor Mechanic
DixonM.J.(Mick 'Mix')Diesel Mechanic
HughesD.M.(Dave)Communications engineer
LloydS.G.(Steve)AIS engineer
NorthD.C.(Dave)AIS physicist
PickstockS.D.(Stuart)AIS engineer
+SycamoreD.J.(Dave)Diesel Mechanic
YearbyK.H(Keith)VLF Scientist


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1984
Top row: Graham Bayliss, Stuart Pickstock, Steve Gill, Mick Daly, Vernon Attew, Pete Davies, Dave Williams, Dale Hall, Keith Yearby, Nick Quinsey
Middle row: Dave Sycamore, Pete Cavanagh, Mick Dixon, Dave North, James Broadway
Bottom row: Steve Lloyd, Dave Thomas, Dave Hughes, Colin Nicol
Picture supplied by Keith Yearby

and here's another one of them, outside:
Halley Bay base photo, 1984
Back row: Pete Davies, Vehicle mechanic; Nick Quinsey, Magnetics; Pete Cavanagh, Heating engineer; Dale Hall, Chef; Steve Gill, Meterologist; David Williams, Meterologist; Keith Yearby, VLF physics; Stuart Pickstock, AIS mechanic
Second Row: Mick Daly, Ozone and radiation; Dai Thomas, Electrician; Steve Lloyd, AIS mechanic; Mick Dixon, (Mix), AIS generator mechanic; Dave Sycamore, Generator mechanic; James Broadway, Doctor; David North, AIS physicist
Front Row: Graham Bayliss, Carpenter, builder; Vernon Attew, Magnetics; David Hughes, Radio operator; Colin Nichol, Base Commander

Oral History Recording

James Broadway

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Mix Dixon writes:

grip thrutch scradge trog across the jolly bondu, splode tick beastie sled Aframe doo Hovercraft special-projects-group oldbase washing-up- bay greenflash IH snoblo K4, Inland Ice, the plateau, N9, Liddan Island, Xmas Box Hill, Mercury, Eliason, Lancing Snoplane, .....magic days!
[15 January 2003]

Pete Davies writes:

Mick Daly and myself actually jogged the perimeter fence one day! It only happened once though, and I can't even walk to the end of our road now without a 5 minute break. Aah, happy times!!
[10 March 2003]

Mick Daly comments:

Pete Davies does himself a dis-service. We "ran" past the dumps and around the perimeter to the bipole antenae and in again every lunch. Great fun in whiteout (not). I do remember running the perimeter...one of those bright ideas on a Saturday night along with "lets manhaul to mobster tomorrow"...."lets go investigate that loud cracking sound (Gin Bottle)....". You know I wonder whether modern FIDS ever get to watch 'The Last Tram' et al...somehow I doubt it........
[1 March 2006]
[but see
comments by Pat Lurcock and Phil Anderson and article by Mike Durrant .. Ed.]

Pete Davies again:

I dont remember 'The Last Tram', but I did enjoy the 'Shell History Of Motor Racing', and if I remember rightly there was a short called 'Moving Waves' about surfers around the world. One of the funniest (Can't remember the name) had to be the one that took place in a lab with a white coated gent stoking his pipe while his assistant tiptoed silently behind him!
[16 September 2006]

Visits to Halley-2 and Halley-3 by Keith Yearby

Synchronome Master Clocks

The story of Washing Up Bay

A Trip to the Old-Old Base by Mick "Mix" Dixon; Pictures

Hovercraft by Mick "Mix" Dixon

Parachute by Pete Davies

BAS Micro by James Broadway

Glossary, 1984-85 contributed by Mick "Mix" Dixon

Halley 1984-87 team: 2008 Mini-reunion


Summer 1983-84

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
SpencerD.E.(David)Wardroom Steward
+SwithinbankC.W.M.(Charles)Visitor by air

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