Halley Bay - 1985


Notable events/features of the year

  • Highest wind speed gust (1-minute average) recorded: 90 kts
  • Mid February: helicopters from a Norwegian expedition on Andenes visit.
  • Field party crossed the hinge zone and launched radio sonde balloons from the plateau.


AultS.(Steve 'Salty')Cook
ClarkT.D.G.(Toby)VLF Scientist
DalyM.E.(Mick)Met, Physicist
DixonM.J.('Mix')Diesel mechanic
HowesM.K.(Mike)Tractor mechanic
HughesD.M.(Dave)Communications engineer
QuinseyN.D.(Nick)Met, Physicist
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1985
S Ault - D Thomas - N Quinsey - S Pickstock - K Christie - M Howes - A King - J Youens - A North - G Bayliss
M Dixon - D Heaton
A Lodge - S Gill - T Clark - D Hughes - M Daly - L Airey
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

One of the Bristows helicoptors at Halley (1984-85 season):
The other one crashed near Halley on 5th January 1985 and was a write-off. Fortunately the crew were not seriously injured.
helicopter helicopter
Photo by Steve Lloyd
Photo by James Broadway

Halley IV

Halley IV
Halley IV built 1982-83 showing station complex after first year of scientific operation. Two storey buildings were constructed inside four interconnected plywood tubes with access shafts to the surface. The tubes were 9 metres in diameter and consisted of insulated reinforced panels designed to withstand the pressures of being buried in snow and ice. Replaced by 1989.
Photo by Doug Allan
From the BAS image library ref: 10004222; used with permission. No unauthorised copying.

Landsat Image of the Brunt Ice Shelf:

Landsat image
Appears to be dated 28 Feb 1985. Mobster Creek, Windy Creek and Ginbottle are all quite distinctive, as is the hinge zone. Click on the picture for a larger image.
Image provided by Toby Clark

Other information, anecdotes etc.


Summer 1984-85

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
SpencerD.E.(David)2nd Steward

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