Halley Bay - 1970


Notable events/features of the year

  • Snocat introduced
  • Wright ("Frisby") finds new route through the hinge zone
  • Visits from USCGC Glacier and San Martin


ClaytonC.A.(Allen 'Flowerpot')BC, Surveyor
ChappellR.K.(Keith 'Graunch')Ionosphericist
+DevittD.W.(Derek)Radio Operator
GillR.V.(Ron)Tractor Mechanic
+GuyattM.J.(Malcolm 'Bloke')GA
+HoyD.J.(David 'Gonk')GA, Tractors
+JarvisB.A.(Bruce 'Bill')Radar Technician
JonesH.J.(Hwfa 'Hoof')Meteorologist
LeithI.M.(Iain)MO, Physiologist
+PinderM.J.(Martin 'Snoopy')Cook
SmithI.D.(Ian 'Fin')Geophysicist
SoarG.J.(Graham 'Grot')Meteorologist
TaylorM.(Mike T)Electrician
WardenM.A.(Mike 'Muff')GA
WellsC.J.(Chris)Radio Operator
+WrightG.K.(Graham 'Frisby')GA
+ Deceased


Abdul, April, Ari, Arkid, Audrey, Boby, Booboo, Bophur, Bunny, Changi, Chey II, Colic, Craven, Dad, Dove, Duek, Dusty III, Eleanor, Elsa, Esk, Evie, Fedu, Fin, Francoise, Freckles, Frodo, Frosty, Gandalf, Gollum, Ham, Inga, Jock III, Kalaleq, Kunute, Lassie II, Lobo II, Luqa, Merry I, Michelle, Mitral, Mitya, Naf, Pat, Pippin, Quebec, Rastus II, Ratti, Rover IIII, Seletar, Sharjah, Shem, Tengah, Trixie, Umiak II, Wensen, Woolfe, Zita.


Base Photo
Halley Bay base photo, 1970
Photograph provided by Allen Clayton.
Left to right, back row to front row:
Cornock Geophys. Vallance GA. Bean DEM. Nockels Iono. Smith I. Geophys. Soar Met. Jones Met. Jarvis Radar Tech. Leith MO, Physio. Burton Bldr. Wells C. Radio Op. Clark Cook Hoy GA. (tractors)
Warden GA. Peel Glacio. Devitt Radio Op. Clayton BC, Surv. Gill GA (tractors) Pinder Cook Chappell Iono.
Taylor Elec. Gannon Met. Wells R. Geophys. Guyatt GA. Gauntlett Met. Wright GA.
with Suaq, Frosty and Boo-boo

SwimmingPhoto by Mark Vallance

Halley II - diagram

Halley II
Diagram of Halley II, Halley Bay Base Z, 1967-1973
By Peter Clarkson after an original drawing by Mark Vallance
From the BAS image library ref: 10004217; used with permission. No unauthorised copying.

Shackleton Mountains; January 1970

Tony True with the Mobsters
Tony True with the Mobsters; Shem up front
Photo by Graham Wright

More pictures by Graham Wright.

Midwinter 1970

Midwinter group
Midwinter group
Photo by Allen Clayton

More pictures by Allen Clayton.

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

The bottom of the World - Antarctic Habits by Hwfa Jones

Ron Gill: I do remember the "crevasse probe" being called the "bog chisel", and the reasons why, but I have no idea where the name came from, it just seemed to be the acceptable term used. [20 March 2010]

Malcolm Guyatt: I was involved in survey of Shackleton Mtns and re-survey of Brunt Ice Shelf (Bob 'speedy Tom' Thomas' mass balance work). [18 January 2002]

'Genghis' Wright: Did two trips to Shackleton Range with Mobsters 1969 Survey with Tony True (Shem Leading) and Hobbits 1970 Geology with Bob Wyeth (Changi Leading)- Also found new route throught the hinge zone) [21 June 2006]

Mike 'Muff' Warden: Many thanks for all your efforts with the newsletter. It's really good to hear about old lags, read latest updates on the web site. I find I cannot comprehend where BAS and Base Z are today. I am very much one for the keep-it-simple philosophy. A team, a tent, man food, dog food, a primus and a license to explore is about as much as I can get my head round. There was that reality that there wasn't any Plan B or cavalry to come to the rescue. [04 September 2012]

Bob Wells: We had [the film] "Cattle Carters" frequently and the sport was to spot the continuity errors - in each view of the lorry train it had a different number of wheels !. [10 January 2004]

'Snoopy' Pinder: Auroras, huskies, hinge zone, skiing behind the aero beastie, midwinter, midsummer, the beer machine, the visits of the Argentinians and the Americans; could understand the former but not the latter. Copious supply of Schlitz beer, aptly named, lobster tails, steaks, and fresh eggs! many of which changed hands for bottles of malt whisky. Skiing behind the Beastie, talking to King Hussein on amateur radio, blowing up the helium filled met balloons in the gash shaft. The maiden voyage of the Bransfield with Sir Vivian Fuchs on board, and many many more deeply implanted memories. [25 July 2006]

The Halley Bay Memorial by Mike 'Muff' Warden

John Nockels, a tribute

Dave (Gonk) Hoy, obituary by Mike 'Muff' Warden

Martin Pinder (Snoopy), obituary by Mike 'Muff' Warden

Ghengis - a personal recollection by Mike 'Muff' Warden

Sledging Flags and Bags by Hwfa Jones

The Lansing snow plane by Hwfa Jones

The beer machine - Hwfa Jones

Dillon the cat by Hwfa Jones

Circumnavigating the outside of the Halley II buildings by Malcolm Guyatt

A September field trip by Mike 'Muff' Warden

Breaking the Brunt by Mike 'Muff' Warden

Descent to the IGY hut by David Drewry

Reunion 2017 - Dave Hoy

Reunion 2021 - Denis Wilkins

1970 Mushroom - Midwinter Magazine


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