Ham Radio

by Peter Pitts

As a radio man (UK amateur since 1950, with radio since 1942) I was interested to read of Martin Pinder and King Hussein.  Whilst working in the Middle East I worked with Ray Woolley who installed his amateur station.  I often heard him in contact with the Omani Sultan Qaboos.

I am wondering if I may be the only amateur to have operated from Halley with his own equipment and aerial system.  Also just by chance the furthest South as I used the new "1968" Ionospheric hut loft.   Propagation to Halley very different to the other bases, I used to work them all from the UK, but not Halley.  I would be interested to exchange my experience with other Halley operators, from those days before Satellite/e-mails.

" Pop"   VP8JP  Halley  1967/69
G3GYE  UK since 1950
A4XGC   Oman    1975/87 
[27 August 2006]

29 September 2006
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