Halley Bay - 1964

The Lansing Snowplane

Lansing Snowplane
The Lansing Snowplane - in two years, I think this is the only time I ever saw it in action. Note the reinforcing plates where the skis are attached to the body of the craft.
Photo: © Lewis Juckes

Lansing Snowplane
Same again.
Photo: © Lewis Juckes

See also comments by Keith Gainey, John Fry, Hwfa Jones, Graham Chambers, Julian Rouse and Dale Heaton, picture taken in 1966 provided by "Doc" Ron Lloyd, pictures taken in 1968 provided by John Fry, and article by Roger Tiffin. It was abandoned at Halley II; see 1984 picture by Mike Dixon.

Ted Clapp (Argentine Islands 1958 & 1960; Hope Bay 1959) comments:

We tried them (Lansing Snowplanes) out at Adelaide summer '60 whilst on recce for Base T site (not Square Bay)...Frightening !!!!!..
Johnny Green (Secfids) tried to attach some form of flag but couldn't find a safe attachment, so abandoned the idea as there was a danger of remnants being sucked into the propeller of the "large" Pratt and Whitney aero engine attached. [01/08/2005]
Keith Holmes (Stonington 1965-66) added:
I have a vague memory that a Lansing snow-plane was sent to Base T on Adelaide Island in the early 1960s - this might be the one that Ted Clapp recalls Johnny Green trying to fix a flag to. I think the item iself was blown off the piedmont into the sea one stormy night. [21 August 2005]

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