Halley Bay - 1967


Notable events/features of the year


+ChinnE.J.(Eric 'Ricky')Base Commander
BakerA.(Tony "pink peril")Carpenter
+Baring-GouldM.A.(Maurice 'Slim')Diesel Electric Mechanic
BrotherhoodJ.(John 'Doc' Bro)Doctor
BurginM.(Mike)GA (physiology)
CarterJ.F.(John 'JC')Diesel Mechanic
DurrantM.J.(Mike 'Smet')Meteorologist
EtchellsW.A.(Alan 'Dad')Tractor mechanic
FothergillN.J.(Neil 'Fothers')Cook
GaineyK.J.(Keith 'Chief')Radar technician
GallsworthyJ.M.(John 'Golly')Builder
GostickC.J.(Chris 'Ceeje')Radio operator
HallidayK.W.(Ken 'Chey')Radio operator
HillD.J.(Dave 'Fanny')Builder
JamiesonJ.H.(Jim 'JimJam')Geophysics
McKerrowD.K.(Dave 'Mac')Cook
NobleP.H.(Peter 'Neon')GA (mountaineer)
+PorterJ.F.(Jo)GA (mountaineer)
ReadC.M.(Colin 'Big Black')Meteorologist
+SamuelM.M.(Milne 'Sam')Surveyor
+SkidmoreM.J.(Mike 'Skid')Geologist
+SmithA.(Alan 'Big Al')Builder
SmithG.(Geoff 'Abdul')Electrician
+SykesC.C.R.(Chris 'Sideways')Tractor mechanic
+WhartonP.(Paul 'Leci')Electrician
WornhamC.M.(Colin 'Grauncher')Met, GA
+ Deceased


Barra, Booboo, Borga, Chalky, Changi, Chroma, Colic, Dove, Dusty III, Esk, Fedu, Flossie, Francoise, Frosty, Ham, Jill II, Jock III, Kolya, Lady III, Lassie II, Lin, Lister, Lobo II, Lotus II, Luqa, Michelle, Mild, Mitral, Mitya, Moo, Nuga, Oscar, Pop, Rastus II, Rolf, Rover IIII, Royal, Seletar, Sharjah, Shem, Skye, Snowy II, Staffa, Steno, Stroma, Suaq, Teifi, Tengah, Tricia, Trixie, Wensen, Whisky II, Wilfred.


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1967
A Williams - D McKerrow - A Wilson - G Smith - K Gainey - M Durrant - G McWilliam - W Laidlaw - J Jamieson
M Skidmore - C Blossom - R Docchar - J Shirtcliffe - N Fothergill - A Smith - P Wharton - D Hill - A Etchells - J Brotherhood
N Mathys - A Johnson - G Sykes - R Thomas - J Gallsworthy - J Carter - C Gostick - K Halliday - D Brook
C Wornham - M Burgin - M Samuel - A Baker- E Chinn -P Noble - P Coslett - J Porter
C Reed - M Baring Gould
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

The Old Base (Halley-I).
[Painting by Mike Skidmore]

RRS John Biscoe departs Halley Bay, 1967.
Painting by Mike Skidmore]

Painting by Mike Skidmore]

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Grillage Village Reunion 2018

Bob Thomas's trip to Christmas Box Hill

Perla Dan (images from Robin Walker)

Ken Halliday says:

It was the time Grillage Village was built 1967 (I hope I have the year correct.) We were invaded by hairy builders, such as Fanny Hill, Golly, Big Al, but to name a few. A very busy year, especially when having to commute between the two bases which were about two miles apart. I also have a lot of happy memories of the Black Hand Gang. Dad Etchells, JC John Carter, Abdul Jeff Smith. This is a really interesting web. Keep up the good work. I will have a look around in the loft and hunt out some old photos later. [29 June 2004] [I was] probably the first Falkland Islander to winter at Halley Bay. [13 April 1967]
Keith Gainey:
We resurrected it [the Lansing Snow plane] from the ice and snow in 1967 and got it working. I was towed behind it on odd days. We used it for pulling sledges.. [20 July 2005]
John Carter:
The Eliason, aka Elsan, this I believe first arrived in Halley in '63 (see Halley Bay 1963 Dad Etchells). In 1967 it was the transport of glaciologist Bob ('Speedy Tom') Thomas. It was driven by a Briggs and Stratton 5HP motor through a centrifical clutch system. Modern Bombardier Skidoos arrived in 1967 with 300cc Rotax engines; these were piloted by Joe Porter and Al ('Big Al') Smith. [11 Apr 2014]
John Brotherhood:
Dolls. My mother made me a large doll when I went south. Not blow up, but well stuffed, or should I say appropriately stuffed, or may be what I really mean is that she was a stuffed doll and of the appropriate shape. I think she stayed in Grillage Village. [20 January 2006]
Dave (Fanny) Hill):
Wonderful base. Wonderful team. [07 June 2012]

Halley 2 1967-1970 Reunion

Films and blogs - Mike Durrant

Bog chisel - Peter Noble

Halley Bay Power failure 1967 - Chris Sykes

Sophia Loren painting


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