Halley Base Commanders

Being an Expedition, the Royal Society IGY Expedition had an Expedition Leader:
1956D.G. Dalgliesh (Advance Party)
1957R.A. Smart (Main Party: Year 1)
1958J. MacDowall (Main Party: Year 2)

When the base was taken over by FIDS, in keeping with FIDS practice it had a Base Leader (BL):
1959G.R. Lush
1960N.A. Hedderley
1961C. Johnson
1962G.M. Jarman
1963M.R. Sumner
1964D.R. Jehan
1965J.P.D. Cotton
1966P.I. Whiteman

For political reasons, the title was changed to Base Commander (BC):
1967E.J. Chinn
1968C.C.R. Sykes
1969P.D. Clarkson
1970C.A. Clayton
1971M. Vallance
1972A.J. Smith
1973R. Daynes
1974B.G. Jones
1975E.K.P. Back
1976E.A. Thornley
1977K.C. Lax
1978M.V. Mosley
1979P.R. Witty
1980J. Scotcher
1981P.J. Gibbs
1982G.K. Nieuwenhuijs
1983R.E. Bowler (Z3)
1983D.G. Allan (Z4)
1984C.D. Nicol
1985L.R. Airey
1986J.M. Roscoe
1987P.M. Aslin
1988B.W. Newham
1989D. Stewart
1990A.P. Bateman
1990A.J. O'Sullivan (Z5 Team Leader)
1991L.P. Whittamore (Z4)
1991P.I. Clarke (Z5)

Under a new BAS system, there was a permanent BC who spent the summer season at Halley, then summer in the UK. On base, there was a Winter Base Commander in charge during the winter:
1992E.S. Hunter
1993R. Weight
1994B. Mallon
1995S.S. Yamin-Ali
1996B.J.S. Morton
1997M.H. Bell
1998V.J. Auld
1999J.W. Fox
2000S. Prasad
2001D. Glynn
2002S. Hinde
2003P. McGoldrick
2004R.A. Locke
2005S.J. Coggins
2006J.C. Withers
2007P.J. Milner
2008A.G. Fryckowska
2009A.G. Fryckowska
2010P. Power
2011B. Mapston
2012P. Power
2013A.G. Fryckowska
2014J. Eager

Permanent base commanders have been:
1991 - 1993 Brian Newham
1993 - 1998 Les Whittamore
1999 Simon Gill
2000 - 2003 Steve Marshall
2003 - 2004Steve Brown
2004 - 2007Patrick McGoldrick
2007 - 2008Vicky Auld
2008 - 2010Caroline Lewis
2010 - 2012Matt Brown
2013 - 2015Agnieszka Fryckowska

From 2015 the titles changed to Station Leader and Winter Station Leader.

Winter Station Leaders:
2015T. Welsh
2016J. Walkup

Station Leaders:
2015 - 2016Adam Bradley
2016 - 2017 John Eager
2017 - 2018 Al Davies
2018 - 2019Richard Warren
2019 - 2023David Hunt
2024 - Thomas Barningham

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