Halley Bay - 2011


Notable events/features of the year


MapstonB.J.(Ben 'Mappo')Winter Base Commander
DixonA.F.(Andy)Meteorologist/ Electronic Technician
GobyJ.(James)Vehicle Operator/Mechanic
JaffrayF.(Frank )Generator Mechanic
MacNabI.(Ian)Field Assistant
PhilpottE.J.(Emma)Communications Manager
WaltonB.(Brett)Vehicle Mechanic


Wintering party
2011 Wintering party
Photo by Ben Mapston
Standing: James Goby (Vehicle operator), Christopher Walton (Chef), Ian MacNab (Field Assistant), Emma Philpott (Communications Manager), Brett Walton (Vehicle Mechanic), Frank Jaffray (Generator Mechanic), Rory Fleet (Plumber), Ben Mapston (Winter Base Commander) Paul Barwick (Electrician),
Kneeling: Andy Dixon (Meteorologist and Electronics Engineer), Jenny Hine (Doctor).

Halley-V, Laws Building

Picture by Chris Walton
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Other information, anecdotes etc.

James Goby:
Probably the last winter for Z5. I've done my best to keep the snow at bay around the base, One week to go before the summer staff arrive, making the most of our last few days of isolation and trying to reduce the teabag stock even further!! An unforgetable year! [20/10/2011]

Brett Walton:

Last vehicle mechanic to winter at Halley V site. Due to the build season of VI we have lots more machinery to deal with ranging from 360 excavators, large tracked machines down to the skidoos. Basically anything that moves with an engine has to be looked at through the garage. Working with James the operator has been an enjoyable experience and we have managed to keep all the machines rolling over winter, with all skidoos (all 41) having a full service! Also will probably be remembered here for camping out at -42 then having to be recovered as it was just too cold for the skidoos to work properly! [20/10/2011]

Chris Walton:

A busy couple of summer seasons cooking for up to 126 people, who would devour almost double the amount of food you would expect a normal person to eat over the course of a day during one of their 5 breaks for food!
It was quite a sad sight to see Halley V in it's last few weeks of service as the remaining 6 residents bought the base to a close and lowered the flag for the final time. [30/06/2012]


Summer 2010-11

GoodearlP.(Penny)Admin Assistant

Aerial View of the MFL (Morrisons Falklands Limited) construction line

Aerial View
Photo by Matt Brown

Module A

Module A
Photo by Matt Brown

Towing the red Module

Towing the red Module
Photo by Matt Brown

Halley VI: March 2011 (pictures by Karl Tuplin)

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