Halley Bay - 2010


Notable events/features of the year


PowerP.(Pat "Paddy")Winter Base Commander
DubberA.(Antony "Dubs" )Chef
GeeT.(Tim)Plant Operator/mechanic
HooperM.J.(Matt "Hooter’s")Fixed Plant Mechanic
McGoughE.(Ed)Field GA.
ParkerJ.(Jack)Vehicle Mechanic
SandsR.G.(Richard "Student")Meteorologist/ Electronic Engineer
SissonI.M.(Ian)Comms Manager


Wintering party
2010 Wintering party
Photo by Ant Dubber
Back Row: Craig Brown (Sparky), Tim Gee (Operator), Ant Dubber (Chef), Ian Sisson (Comms Manager), Michael Ramage(Doc)
Front Row: Mark Green (Plumber), Pat Power (WBC), Matt Hooper (Genny Mech), Rich Sands(Met), Jack Parker(Mech)

Group in winter with aurora

Group in winter with aurora
Photo by Mike Ramage "Doc"
Standing: Jack Parker- Mech, Mark Green - Plumber, Paddy Power - WBC, Ant Dubber - Chef/DWBC, Tim Gee - Ops, Matt Hooper - Genny mech, Ed McGough - FGA, Richard Sands - MET
Kneeling: Craig Brown - Sparky, Ian Sisson - Comms, Mike Ramage - Doc

Laws Building

Laws Building
Photo by Pat Power

Aurora seen from Halley

British Antarctic Survey


Summer 2009-10

LewisC.J.M.(Caroline)Base Commander handover

Caroline Lewis:

I went into Halley in '09/10 as part of the early input team, arriving in early November (after a delay at Rothera due to weather!). We were then joined, during November and early December by 3 groups of 18 personnel who got the Station up and running, the temporary accommodation constructed, readied the re-commissioned Drewry kitchen and moved the Halley VI modules and storage line into their new positions prior to the start of the full construction season.

In mid-December 2009, Matt Brown arrived on a flight from Cape Town - Novolazarevskya - Neumayer, from where we picked him up in a Twin Otter. I then handed over as Base Commander and flew back to Rothera on 30 Dec 09, leaving Matt and the team to deal with two delayed ships which were coming over the horizon as the plane departed (nice timing!): Igarka (the cargo ship with the construction equipment on board) and Ernest Shackleton. Both tied up at Creek 3, from where Relief was carried out in record time ....... as I wasn't there, I'll leave the details of the rest of the season to somebody else to fill in. [25/03/2010]

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