Halley Bay - 2001


Notable events/features of the year


GlynnD.(Dave)WBC, Electronics engineer
CassonR.M.(Richard)Carpenter & Steel erector
FarnellN.J. (Neil)Engineer
HuddE.C.(Elizabeth 'Liz')Meteorologist
KeirJ.G.(Jim 'Jamie')Data manager
McConnachieA.C.(Andy)Generator mechanic
MiddletonG.J.(Gary)Vehicle mechanic
MooreC.M.(Cathy)Met. physicist
RieleyT.C.(Thomas 'Doc')Doctor
RyanM.S.(Mark)Comms manager
SharpP.R.(Paul 'Sharpy')Electrician
TurnerR.J.(Richard)Chef, DWBC


Midwinter Photo
Halley base photo, 2001
The Wintering team of 2001.
From left to right: Back row: Thomas Rieley, Paul Sharp, Neil Farnell, Alan Burchell, Karl Farkas, Richard Turner, Richard Borthwick, Dave Glynn, Gary Middleton, Richard Casson, Andy McConnachie
Front row: Jamie Kier, Cathy Moore, Dan Carson, Liz Hudd, Mark Ryan.
Why are there 17 people in the photo, when there were only 16 winterers? Find out

Halley tunnel
The hidden depths of Halley - the view along one of the tunnels.Picture by Andy Rankin

More pictures by Andy Rankin.

Melt tank filling from the Halley Diary.

At the site of Halley 4, from the Halley Diary.

Bicycle trip by Steve Buxton, from the Shackleton Diary.

Richard Borthwick working in the tunnels and emerging from the melt-tank chamber.

Cathy Moore & adelie penguin, from the Halley Diary.

Richard Casson lowers the flag at Halley

Richard Casson lowers the flag at Halley
Photo by Paul Sharp

Other information, anecdotes etc.


Summer 2000-01

ArendtJ.(Jo)Medical research
LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Ernest Shackleton
ParkerR.P.(Richard)Welder fabricator

Personnel list

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