Halley Bay - 1960


Notable events/features of the year

  • Ionospherics work restarted


+HedderleyN.A.(Norman)BL, Meteorologist
+BrittainM.F.(Mike)Radar Technician
+DeanC.H.(Colin 'Booboo')Geophysicist
+ForrestC.R.(Charles 'Doc')MO
JohnsonC.(Colin)Wireless Op Mechanic
TownsendW.H.(Walter 'Wally')Meteorologist
+ Deceased




Base photo:
Halley base photo, 1960
Crown Copyright
Photo supplied by Colin Johnson and BAS Archives (Ref: AD7/Z/11/1/1960)

Halley I, 1960
Halley Bay 1960 - Base hut from Anemomometer Tower. (Click to enlarge)Picture by Walter Townsend

More pictures by Walter Townsend.

John Biscoe arriving Halley Bay January 1960
John Biscoe arriving Halley Bay January 1960Picture by John Smith

Christmas party 1960
Christmas party 1960Picture by Alex Millar

Midwinter 1960

Jim Blackie's pictures

Ferguson tractors

Other information, anecdotes etc.

RRS John Biscoe at Halley Bay

Jim Blackie's obituary

Walter Townsend:

I think 1960 can be called a 'holding-the-fort' year for Halley Bay, still in the original hut then 30 feet under the snow and entered by hatches and ladders.   Our exploits warrant all of five and a half lines in Of Ice and Men*, but we did carry on all the scientific programmes.   We had one dog, Stumpy, who lived outside the whole year, and two cats, Strom and Ness, who occasionally poked their noses out.   Ness had a kitten during the year. More..  I was Chief Met and Builder with the task of extending the radio-sonde balloon shed upwards out of the snow. [30/04/2002]
* The story of the first 30 years of FIDS/BAS, 1943-1973, by Sir Vivian Fuchs, the first director.
See also comments by Alex Millar.

Alex Millar:

[Above is] a photograph of the Christmas party 1960 where Dennis (Ardus) and I were the cooks. It was notable for a sweet featuring black and violent green ice-cream, from memory the only two inks we had enough of at that time. I still have the menu somewhere. [08/04/09]

Colin Johnson:

Sorry to have missed last year's reunion. Hopefully will make the next! [28/12/06]

Mike Thurston:

It is now sixty years since Dennis Ardus and I set up our sleeping arrangements in our respective cubbyholes in the loft of the old IGY hut. [23/10/20]

Halley Comet 1960


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