Halley Bay - 1959


Notable events/features of the year


+BlackwellM.J.(Mick)Scientific Leader
+LimbertD.W.S.(David 'Dwm')Meteorologist
+SavinsD.R.(Dennis)Radio Operator
SheretM.A.(Michael 'Black Mike')Geophysicist
WhitehallW.(William 'Jock')DEM
+ Deceased




Base photo:
Halley Bay winterers, 1959
Picture supplied by Nelson Norman
Stumpy and Gordon Artz; 12th January 1959.Picture by Derek Ward
Taken in third year of IGYE, during handover to FIDS Base Z.

More pictures by Derek Ward: 1957 and 1958.

The main IGY party leaving Halley Bay in January 1959.
Picture by John Smith

More pictures by John Smith.

Pictures by Gordon Artz.

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

The handover of the base from the Royal Society Expedition to FIDS took place at midnight 13/14 January 1959.

Mick Blackwell describes the International Geophysical Cooperation (IGC) at Halley Bay in 1959, and how he got involved.

Michael Sheret comments on the first year of FIDS at Halley Bay.

David Limbert, commenting on Z-Fids Newsletter No. 14, says: "The folk at Halley should count themselves lucky to be able to look out of windows and see the sun. The troglodytes of the IGYE and FID years had to climb up a through a shaft and poke their heads above the snow surface. Even Stumpy our dog in 1959 lived in a kennel outside." [14 Sep 2007]

The Chippantodd Creeks - David Limbert


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