Skidoos at Z5

Richard Yeo

Hopefully a real ´91-Z5 person will pop up with the full details of the servicing before the Bouncy Castle (Old inflatable garage) arrived. However my understanding was that the doos were winched up to the front deck of the ACB by the rather slow electric winch that used to be there, and then worked on on the deck. I have not heard of anyone riding up the stairs, but it would not surprise me, as there were certainly people in the 91 Z5 team mad enough to try it!
I also believe that the skidoo that tried to fly off the platform was a doo called Chicken Mother (possibly related to Steve "Val" Colwell´s modified doo?) this was a fantastically dangerous and fun machine that had a dual carb, which only really kicked in when the throttle was opened fully, then it took off like a scalded cat. I think it went off the platform while it was being tested/serviced with the back lifted off the ground on a jerrycan. When I rode it, it had a hood made from a 45gal drum, possibly after its short flight?

While on transport, I see there is no mention of the parachute that was around 92-93.. I know it ended up at the bottom of Precious [Bay?] attached to a Nansen sledge weighed down with quite a lot of expensive field gear (perhaps a story for another time..), but I am not sure when it arrived.

[14 June 2006]

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