The Parachute

Charlie Robb says:

Len Airey talks in his excellent book "On Antarctica" about finding and skiing with it at Faraday and then taking it to Halley - must have been 1984. It unintentionally departed Halley roughly in the direction of Faraday with a sledge unit on Sunday 20th September 1992. Whoops.
[22 August 2006]

Hwfa Jones:

The parachute was on base in 1970 - idea was it would help pull a sledge but it had apparently never worked and nobody was really bothered with the thing which regularly deflated right in the track of the sledge and stopped it.
[21 August 2006]

[Presumably a different parachute from the one mentioned by Charlie -- Ed.]
See also, accounts by
Pete Davies and Simon Salter.

29 September 2006
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