A visit to the old IGY base

by Clive Sweetingham

I was wondering who can claim the fame for being the last people to visit the IGY Base? Here is a photograph taken in June 1975 (not very good I know - but the only one I have) when myself, Bob Bryant, Andy Allman, Chris Turner, Graham Mawdsley, John Mclure and Alan Tiripani, all descended by electron ladder down a shaft , which I seem to remember was in excess of 50 feet deep, to what was left of the base. There was access to a number of rooms, but many were almost crushed flat. Maybe somebody can identify exactly where we are standing ..?? I think Vince Carter and a couple of others visited in 1976. Were there any other visits after that?

Inside the IGY hut, June 1975

[10 June 2005]

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