Vince Carter: Metman, 1975 - 1976

Vince writes:

Hi Andy. You probably don't remember me, but I remember you - or at least you and Big Al taking up most of the bar in the Upland Goose ... or was it one of the other bars in Port Stanley? I over-wintered in 75 & 76 as a metman. Clive Sweetingham, Bob Bryant and I carried out the UHF radio test for you on the inland ice in summer 76 (I think) prior to you deploying your remote ionosphere experiment. If memory serves, Mr Piggot took great pleasure in pointing out that we'd gone in the wrong direction and could have achieved much greater line of site distance if we'd gone in a more southerly direction. Never mind, can't get everything right! I've lost contact with most of my contemporaries over the years but it would be nice to hear from others again. More than happy for you to put a few details about me on the site just to see who's still out there. For the record, after BAS I worked as a weather forecaster in the oil industry for a couple of years, based in Aberdeen. I then went back to college to do a Forestry MSc, worked for the Countryside Commission for a few years before migrating into local government. I now head up the countryside and forestry team at Calderdale Council in Halifax. Good luck with the website. Hope to hear from you (and others) soon.
27 April 2002

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