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Clive Sweetingham, ionosphericist; 1975-1976

Having read The Battle of the Pit contribution by Graham Chambers, of that most notable event of 1975, I searched, and found, my diary entry relating to the event, which confirms Andy Allman's, and others, brave expedition:

  Sunday 14th September 1975

  "Jack (Jack Temple), Andy (Andy Allman), and Eric (Eric Harvey) descended into the bog today to break away the turdicles. From each bog there are two narrow holes about twelve feet deep which open out into a large cavern about 40 feet deep. In one corner of this was another hole which appeared bottomless! They chipped away the two main turdicles, and it should now last for another 3 years. Not a pleasant job, although Andy seemed to enjoy it, and Eric, of course filmed the whole bloody episode."

  Graham omits to mention that the "toilet" consisted of a 5 gallon oil drum, top and bottom removed with a fire axe, surmounted by the toilet seat. When using it for number two's, you had to sit still, as this arrangement was not fixed to the floor! In the year after you left Graham, I added to the "paintings" by adding a samurai warrior to one of the walls. I had to paint it in stages as the paint would freeze after about 30minutes. I wonder what ever happened to those masterpieces? -  created under such painful conditions?

6 June 2002

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