Halley Bay - 2014


Notable events/features of the year


EagerJ.(John)Winter Base Commander
BakerJ.G.(Gerard "Papa G")Chef
CarpO.(Octavian)Electronic Technician
ClarkW.(William)Electronic Technician
DavisA.(Al)Field Assistant
HallamK.(Kevin 'Kev')Communications Manager
KrzysztofowiczM.(Michal "Mike")Data manager
ListerA.(Anthony)Electrical Services Technician
MannJ.(John "Silver")Mobile Plant Technician
TruckelP.(Paul)Static Plant Technician
WarrenR.(Richard)Antarctic Atmospheric Scientist
WarburtonN.(Nick)Mechanical Services Technician


Wintering party
2014 Wintering party
Photo by James Townsend
Back row - William Clark, Gerard Baker, Al Davies
Middle row - Paul Truckel, Michal Krzysztofowicz, Nick Warburton, Octavian Carp
Front row - James Townsend, John "Silver" Mann, Richard Warren, John Eager, Kevin Hallam, Anthony Lister

Sno-cat and Sun-dogs

Sno-cat and Sun-dogs
Photo by James Townsend
From James' blog

Other information, anecdotes etc.

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