Halley Bay - 2005


Notable events/features of the year


CogginsS.J.(Simon)WBC, Data Manager
ButtersM.R.(Matt)Generator Mechanic
CohenJ.A.(Jeffrey)Electronic Eng
CoxanI.P.(Ian)Field Assistant
IorwerthM.(Miriam)Electronic Eng
JonesB.L.(Bryn)Electronic Eng
NichollsC.(Craig)Met. physicist
RooneyM.C.A.(Michael)Comms Manager
WaleG.M.(Gareth)Vehicle Mechanic


Group photos
group photo

Sundown group
Photo by Jeff Cohen
Front row (left to right): Jeff Cohen, Mike Rooney, Petra Schmidt, Frances Williams, Vanessa O'Brien, Ian Coxan, Jamie Koplick, Matt Butters, Kev O'Donnell, Miriam Iorwerth.
Back row (left to right): Dan Jones, Steve Clive, Gareth Wale, Simon Coggins, Craig Nicholls, Bryn Jones.

Simon says: "Here's one of us all at Sundown. It was blowing 20 knots and a bit cold but we still managed to have the traditional barbeque. The flag was raffled off and won by Petra Schmidt."

The VSAT dome

The VSAT dome
Photo by Petra Schmidt
A new addition to the Halley skyline. The dome housing the radio communications system which links Halley to the rest of the BAS network (bases, ships and Cambridge HQ), via the VSAT satellite. In the background, a bulk fuel transit tank is approaching.

"Ness and I got sick of his whistling"

Photo by Frances Williams

Miriam's pictures


Midwinter group

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Graeme Hart (1994-95):
I had an e-mail from Simon Coggins the other day. He is at Halley at the moment & it kind of knocked me for six to read words sent direct from the base. How times have changed from the days of 500 words a month. [21 July 2005]

Jack Temple (builder, 1975) comments:

How times have changed! 500 word news letters and now e-mails. In 1975 it was 200 words in, and 100 out! Some things at Halley seem to remain the same though, i.e, in the 2005 base photo. Fid with shovel in hand, and another in front row (young lady) with the essential and ever present camera round the neck! Much of the kit, i.e the orange cags and mukluks appears not to have changed, though I do like those furry caps. [31 March 2006]

Matt Butters:

During our Midwinter celebrations a blow up doll was perched upon the Christmas tree as we didn't have a fairy. It was rather comical, but I think some people found it in poor taste. [16 January 2006]


Summer 2004-05

BakerT.A.(Terry)Communications Engineer
RodwellS.(Shane)Electronics Technician
SmithA.J.(Andy)HQ Physicist

Allan Thomas ("Tommo") writes:

Who'd have thought I'd only be away 10 months before coming back? Certainly not me, but enjoying life down the Drewry for a summer. By the way, Craig Nicholls has had a bike here for the last two winters, and I did hear that Pat Fielder had a motorbike here when he wintered. [17 January 2006]

Shane Rodwell writes:

Fantastic flight into Halley via Cape Town, Novolazarevskaya and Neumayer. Due to weather, our route beat the Rothera flight and we were first summer staff to arrive on station, followed by tourists from the Kapitan Khlebnikov the same afternoon. [14 March 2018]

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