Movement of the tunnel

by Jim Fox

Movement of the tunnel
Picture by Jim Fox
This shot was taken in 1998 to show the movement of the tunnel due to 'onion' subsidence. Originally straight, this stretch between (I think) the Piggott (nee SSB) and Simpson (nee ICB) buildings, was almost 20m below the surface when the shot was taken. Follow the orginally straight row of lights on the right hand side to see how much the tunnel has moved. The far dip corresponds to the location of the sewage pit (or 'onion' as it was more descriptively called). It was a never ending job for the heat & vent engineer (Cuz, grand master of the tunnels during my time) to tame these tunnels and keep the services going. I remember he once had to cut off part of his own beard after becoming frozen to one of the ducts after a session of pipe worship.

25 October 2006
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