The British Antarctic Survey Sledge Dog Memorial

Update - 4 July 2009

Unveiling of the memorial at Cambridge on 4 July 2009

After an extraordinary short time of two years from proposal to completion; the funds were raised worldwide to establish this monument.

With little fuss, and no press releases, our own bronze monument sculpted (by David Cemmick) was unveiled at the entrance door to the British Antactic Survey Building in Cambridge - there were about 150 Fids and friends present.

The dedication plaque (sculpted by Denise Coch) lists all the dog teams  that travelled in British Antarctic Territory making possible almost all the overland journeys of discovery in the 20th century.

The monument represents a thousand personal stories; most of which will never be told in any official document.

Anyone who visits the monument who travelled with dogs in the Antarctic may pause quietly and just a little longer than most; to remember'..... and in a certain light the dogs eyes may glisten too.....

  Best wishes - Hwfa Jones and Graham Wright  (Please contact us if you have any questions)

  • With the Sculpture and Plaque in place the project is now essentially complete and certain amount of winding up will now take place. Final accounts will be completed over the next few months and presented to the British Antarctic Survey Club. A limited edition model of the sculpture has been made available and details can be seen on their website (
  • Some copies of The Doggymen book which was written to 'kickstart' the fund are still available as are prints of a team sledging on sea ice (contact Graham Wright for details: (
  • We hope to send photographs to those who contacted us (particularly by letter) with donations and especially if they do not have email

Sledge Dog Memorial

Sledge Dog Memorial

Sledge Dog Memorial

Sledge Dog Memorial

Sledge Dog Memorial

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In 2015 the memorial was moved to the Scott Polar Research Institute. For details see BAS Club website.

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