Z-fids Newsletter No. 11

December 2006

      Z - F I D S    N E W S L E T T E R   No. 11   26 Dec 2006 

Editor: Andy Smith  (email andy@smitha.demon.co.uk)
Website: www.zfids.org.uk

I hope you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas, wherever you

Halley 50 Year Celebration weekend, Northampton, 14-15 October 2006
"Z-50" turned out to be a most enjoyable and successful event,
which nearly 400 people attended. Afterwards the committee were
inundated with messages of appreciation, and we thank you for all
of those. I am sorry I have not been able to reply individually.
Many thanks to all those who helped, in whatever way, to make the
weekend a success. A full list of acknowledgements is on the
website. The hotel staff were extremely helpful and attentive, and
the dinner was of excellent quality and well-served. To recognise
this, the committee were able to give a much appreciated tip to the
staff involved, which they put towards a Christmas party. The hotel
are keen to accommodate Z-60 in 2016!

Report on Z-50
This report is available on the website and was also published in
the December 2006 edition of the BAS Club Newsletter (see below for
more on the BAS Club). In addition, the Z-50 pages contain
photographs taken at the event, a definitive attendance list, and
messages sent by people who were not able to attend.

Z-50 Group photos
Proofs of the seven group photographs taken at Z-50 are now on the
website. There is a link to them on the Z-fids home page. Please
check that if you were photographed you have been correctly 
identified. I have been spending some time trying to get all the
correct names for the photos, and this is nearly complete now.
There are just a handful of people who remain to be identified, and
any help to complete this job would be appreciated. I am told that
what we should have done was to pass a clipboard down each line for
people to sign while they were still standing there. A tip for next
time. Once we have all the names, the plan is to combine all the
photos into a large poster. Meanwhile, the individual group photos
may be ordered from the photographers. More details are on the

Copies of films shown at Z-50
There have been a number of enquiries about the possibility of
getting DVD copies of the films shown at Z-50. The answer is that
it will be possible but we have not organised it yet. The cost will
depend on how many people order them. More details will be
forthcoming in due course.

Z-50 polo shirts
These stylish garments emblazoned with the Z-50 logo are still
available for only £14 plus P&P. Details are on the website.

On Floating Ice
This book by Joe MacDowall is his account of the IGYE 1957-58 and
was on sale at Z-50. There are still some copies left which may be
ordered for only £5.00 plus P&P. Again details are on the website.

50 year Halley Bay commemorative DVD
This superb production was compiled by Stephen Williams from the
best pictures taken by Halley Bay winterers over the years, about a
thousand of them, and provides an excellent souvenir for everyone
who wants to remember what it was like to be there. Many copies
were sold at Z-50, but some are still available for purchase at a
very reasonable price. Details will be on the website soon.

"The Doggymen"
This 60-page book written by Hwfa Jones, which was launched at
Z-50, is being sold in aid of the Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial
Fund. Contributions to this appeal will be welcomed. More details
may be obtained from Hwfa or from Graham Wright, whose contact
details are on the website. Click "Dog Memorial" in the General
Index on the Z-fids website.

Re-enthused by the Halley 50 Reunion, Peter Noble ('67/'68), is
wanting to compile a record (ie. write a book) of Halley doggymen,
their journeys and if possible several choice tails of high
adventure, disaster, hilarity, achievement, humility  He would be
very pleased to receive any contribution but as he could not
promise to include every doggyman's tail, a brief resumé initially
would be best. He will then follow up for fuller accounts of
suitable contributions. Even if no stories, simple records of who,
where they went and when would be appreciated. Contact Peter at
e-mail  or snail-mail 4 Kingsbury Sq,
Marlborough, Wilts, SN8 1JF.

The Z-fids website
I have received several interesting contributions to the website
recently. Many thanks to everyone who sent in material. Keep the
contributions coming in. Unfortunately I have not yet had time to
edit them into the website, because of other commitments. Until
October I was busy with the Z-50 organisation, and since then I
have moved house from near Cambridge to the Hope Valley in the Peak
District, and this has taken up much of my time. Your input is
appreciated and will be uploaded as soon as possible. More details
will be in the next Z-fids Newsletter.

The Archive Hour
The 30 December 2006 edition of the BBC Radio 4 Programme (to be
broadcast at 20:00 - 21:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM) is entitled "The
Poles and the Planet". As the International Polar Year will shortly
be starting, this programme is focussing on its forerunner 50 years
ago - the International Geophysical Year. It featured interviews
with veterans of the IGY Expedition to Halley Bay, which were
recorded at the 50th Anniversary weekend in Northampton. For more
details see www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/archivehour/

UK web archive
The Z-fids website has been selected for inclusion in the UK web
archive. See www.webarchive.org.uk

Halley Bay community archive
It was fascinating to see the collection of artifacts from the 50
years of Halley history, now in the possession of fids, which were
assembled for the exhibition at Z-50 in Northampton. There must be
many more which did not make it to the exhibition. It has been
suggestion that a community archive be set up to index what items
are held, and other details about them. This could be linked to the
Z-fids website. Unfortunately I am not able to undertake this
project, but if there is anyone out there who would be interested,
please get in touch. The professional archivists at BAS, Joanna Rae
and Ieuan Hopkins, would provide advice and support, though they
would not be able to lead the project. For more information about
community archives, have a look at the websites
www.communityarchives.org.uk and www.commanet.org/

329 people have now registered on the Z-fids website. If you were
at Halley, winter or summer, and have not yet registered, please
click the Register link on the home page. If your details have
changed, please update them by re-registering. Thank you. The name
of everyone who has registered is shown as a link on the
appropriate year page.

BAS Club
At Z-50, several people enquired about joining the BAS Club. This
is well worth while. There are two Newsletters a year, keeping fids
in touch with each other, and an annual reunion. The membership
subscription is only £10 per year. For more information, click the
BAS Club link on the home page of the Z-fids website.

News from Halley
According to the latest reports (26 December) the Ernest Shackleton
is off the Stancomb-Will ice tongue, approaching Halley through
quite heavy pack ice. It was due in on the 21st, so is being
delayed by the ice. See the link on the www.zfids.org.uk home page
to the position of ships near Halley. The latest Halley diary
(October) includes a lot of interesting items, including "bearded
ladies", fishing for shovels, abseiling for England, the secret
fruit club, and the Halley end of the Z-50 video link up.

In the weblogs of current winterers (links on the 2006 page), you
can read about visits to the penguins, the visit of the Basler DC3
plane to Halley International Airport, kiting, raising fuel, and
various other activities. There are also some very good photos.

As usual this newsletter is being sent out by email only. If you
are on email but have not received it by that route, please
register or re-register on the website.

May I wish you all the very best in 2007.


26 December 2006
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