Halley 50 Year Celebration - 2006

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October 2006
Park Inn, Northampton


A unique event to mark 50 years of Halley, Antarctica.

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The exhibition included material from the BAS and Royal Society archives and other sources.

There was a science exhibit, but aimed at a non-technical audience, which identified scientific "nuggets" resulting from the data collected from each year of operation.

Another exhibit focussed on the well-known fid's ability to "improvise" (otherwise known as 'fids bodges'). Like the time one of the prefabricated buildings was supplied without nuts and bolts, which then had to be turned up on the lathe.

Unfortunately we were not able to borrow the model of Halley 6 but there was a poster display instead.

The BAS Archives Section had an exhibit explaining their work and its relationship to the history of Halley.

The Royal Society contributed flags which flew over the base during the IGYE and other relics.

The "bring your own" exhibition was amazing, with wealth of photos, maps, Midwinter magazines, and other historic exhibits such as the Underground sign and the propeller of the infamous Lansing Snowplane.

22 October 2006
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