Halley 50 Year Celebration - 2006

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October 2006
Park Inn, Northampton


A unique event to mark 50 years of Halley, Antarctica.

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Commemorative DVD

As part of the Halley 50th anniversary celebrations, Stephen Williams produced a commemorative photo DVD using winterers' photographs of Halley base and surrounding area. More than 1000 are included, from all phases of the base's history. There is also a CD of Al Smith's fascinating and authoritative 100-page A Brief History of Antarctic Research Stations on the Brunt Ice Shelf. The DVD and CD were on sale at Z-50, but if you did not get copies there, they are available by mail order from Stephen as follows.

For UK residents the cost is 10 (8 for the DVD + 1 for the CD + 1 P&P)
For residents in Europe the cost is 11 (8 for the DVD, 1 for the CD and 2 P&P)
For residents outside UK and Europe the postage goes up by 50p (making a total of 11.50)
Omitting the CD does not make any difference to the postage.

Stephen will accept personal cheques from a UK bank and they should be made payable to Mr S.D. Williams and posted to him at 18 Croft Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7AL. Please don't forget to include the return address and e-mail address if you want to know when he has received or dispatched the disc(s).

Users of Paypal can make payments to his e-mail address: stephenwilliams@newbury-18.freeserve.co.uk This link explains a little more.

With the exception of holidays, Stephen will endeavour to process orders the next day - wherever possible.

Any surplus, once costs have been met, will be donated to the BAS Club.

10 March 2007
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