Halley Bay - 2018+


Halley station is now only occupied during the summer (last winter occupation 2016), and while that situation continues, there will be no more pages dedicated to a single year at the base.

News and events


Iceberg A81 calves from Brunt Ice Shelf. Adrian Luckman's time lapse video of the calving. More details here.


2022 New Year ; Picture by Michael Drewitt

Halley VI Site Map ; 11 Nov 2020. (Click on the image for a full resolution version)

Halley VI Site Map
Supplied by Thomas Barningham

The memorial at Halley VIa, January 2020. Photos by Thomas Barningham.

Capstone C30 Micro-turbine

Capstone C30 Micro-turbine
From the BAS website

11 Feb 2024
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