Halley - 2004

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Group photo (pre-winter)

Halley pre-winter photo, 2004
Igloo door bouncers: Vanessa O'Brien and Rhian Salmon
Igloo gatecrasher and lunatic party candidate: Craig Nicholls
Top Row: Edwyn Dodd, Allan 'Tommo' Thomas, Simon Coggins, Gareth Wale, Mark Maltby, Graeme Barton, Graham Gillie, Jeff Cohen (Sledge driver)
Bottom Row: Kevin O'Donnell, Nigel Colgan, Frank Swinton, Russ Locke, StÚphane Bauguitte, Mike Rooney, Stuart Colley

Melt-tank party

Melt-tank party, March 2004
Before the melt tank in the summer accommodation is drained down for the winter, the winterers take the opportunity to take a long bath, the first for many months (only showers are provided on base).
Photo by Frank Swinton

Penguin chicks

Penguin chicks
Penguin chicks at Halley
Photo by Rosemary Calvert

23 Nov 2015
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