The Running of the Bulls - Midwinter "streak"


Time Elvin, field GA; 1995

Nice to see that I have caused some debate on the Web site!

Obviously I am sure that there were Mid-Winter streaks before ours at Z 5 but I am sure it was the first time round Z 5. I too would be interested to know when the first one at Halley was.I hope that it went back a long way but as these things tend to do it would have come and gone as the whims of the Wintering personnel do, am sure in this PC era there is not a mixed run!! When I wintered at Rothera in 94 we had a Midwinter's dip in the sea which only the Doctor & myself participated in!!

As regards Northern Exposure it was a US TV series which ran for 8 series. The premise was a New York Doctor who had his tuition paid for by the state of Alaska had to repay it by working for the State. Instead of Cosmopolitan Anchorage he ends up in Cicely a town in the middle of nowhere inhabited by a colorful cast of people (just like Halley) His isolation and coming to terms with his new environment certainly rang true for many on base at the time. The episode in question is about the coming of spring out of the dark winter when the towns citizens tended to go a little crazy (again a funny parallel) and when the ice breaks and spring comes in all the Males of the town run around the town naked in the Running of the Bulls, hence our run around the base on mid winter. Halley even gets a mention in one of the episodes as the remotest and cleanest place on the planet.

I have the episode in question if you would like to see it?

I hope this helps and I never intended to claim the idea because like everything else down south we are just following in footsteps all be it making our prints a little bigger.

28 April 2003

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Tim Elvin at Fossil B(l)uff
Photo by Charlie Robb
See comments by Charlie Robb.

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