"Endurance - crushed by the ice"

Endurance - crushed by the ice
Photo by Richard Yeo
Charlie Robb:
"My favourite base photo of 1992 is this one that Richard Yeo created in the darkroom. The Airfix model of the Endurance was made lovingly by Shaun Burkey and he was distressed when he fell out of bed one Saturday night and smashed it. However, he was then able to remodel it into 'Endurance crushed by the ice' ".

Shaun Burkey comments:

The model ship was in fact the Discovery. Charlie is right though about me falling out of bed and smashing it one Saturday night, I was celebrating finishing it, how the mahogany glass case I constructed around it survived I'll never know. The next day as a way of self punishment I skiied around the base perimeter with a monstrous hangover in horrible conditions. I spent the following three months rebuilding the ship.
[22 August 2006]

28 Sep 2005
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