The Halley 5 Bar

The Halley-5 bar, showing the wooden bar top.

Showing the brass inlay of Antarctica.

Origin of the Halley 5 bar & brass inlaid Antarctic continent

Built by Dave Wallis and Pat McGoldrick in 1990.

Rebuilt by Richard Swales in 1992. The wood is reputed to have cost £500!

Charlie Robb says:

Richie Swales built the Z5 bar in 1992 and then spent much of the year appreciating it. I can't remember who made the brass continent, it could have been Mike Lawton who always enjoyed filing pieces of metal, although I have a feeling it might have been a 1991 midwinter present that someone brought with them from Z4. [30 March 2005]

Pete Lens confirms this:

Ewan Hunter bought the wood while working as summer BC before his term as winter BC in 1992. I believe he said it cost about £500. Richard Swales who built the bar (I'm not sure if that included the inlay though - thats more likely to have been Mike Lawton) said he would rather it cost £5000 to dissuade people from cutting down forest hardwood. [30 March 2005]

It seems very likely that the brass inlay came from Z3 via Z4:

Mike Pinnock:

Re the brass inlaid outline of Antarctica. We had such an inlay at the Z3 bar (don't know origin) and it certainly was transferred to Z4 - but can't swear that it is the same inlay. [28 May 2005]

Pete Jenkins:

This SOUNDS like the one that was in use at Halley when I was there (1979-83), although I have not got a picture immediately to hand. [28 March 2005]

It was moved from Z3 by Dale Heaton when he refurbished the Z4 bar in 1985.

So who made the brass inlay? Tony Jackson thinks it was Roger Daynes in 1973. Roger is not so sure:

Regarding the bar inlay, I would like to think I may have made it; I certainly made quite a few brass items whilst down there. However, I can't retrieve any memories to do with the making of it and so feel I have to disclaim involvement. I may be wrong of course!! For my poor memory I blame age and my teenage children in preference to the onset of Alzheimer's! [5 May 2005]

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