Events of 1987


Pat Lurcock

The most notable event of 1987 was the digging out of the roof voids above the bar area (lounge, bar, radio shack, BCs office). The wooden tunnel had collapsed over the years. It went on for weeks with spoil going down the shaft, along the tunnel and into the garage then up and out (probably in a sledge). The bar was temporarily relocated down to the rec room, which was freezing. Nonetheless I recall falling asleep on three bar stools and impressing everyone by turning over without falling off.

Also the IH (International Harvester bulldozer) caught fire after all the safety cutouts on the Andrews heater had been bypassed to stop it cutting out. Fire extinguishers were not much use in a stiff breeze and the shovels bounced off the hard snow surface. Still, it was nice and warm while we tried and gave John Dann the Tractor Man something to do for the rest of the winter. That, and getting over running to the bar to raise the alarm.

Dave Hart gave up smoking early on, with a big bonfire on the bondu. When his son was born in May he resumed, and had to do odd jobs for Mick Goodwin every time he wanted a fag. ("Wor Deeve, ah could doo with a coopa tee like . . .")

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