Halley 1984-87 team: 2008 Mini-reunion

Report by Dale Heaton (chippy 85/86)

A small Halley reunion I organised took place on the weekend of 14/15 March 2008. After the successful Z50 I thought it would be a good idea to get a more personalised gathering from the guys who I wintered with and started getting things planned over a year in advance.

It helped that an Mike Tracey ex Halley 86/Signy 87 winterer (Radio Op), who is now the YHA Warden at the Ingleton hostel, suggested we have it at his place. (What a great venue and tremendous work put in by Mike)

After lots of e-mails and a slow start we finally got commitment from the group below. Unfortunately we had a couple of late cry offs through illness, but the rest who committed turned up and had a great time. Gary & Toby coming from Germany and Pat & Sarah recently back from their duties on South Georgia. We still could have done with a few more people coming as these things don't happen very often.

Halley Ingleton WE March 08
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Keith Yearby & Partner Leigh - Halley 83/84 & many more summers
Paul & Pauline Aslin - Halley 86/87
Toby Clark & Partner Nicky - Halley 85/86
Dale & Claire Heaton - Halley 85/86
Tony & Sandra Maggs - Halley 86
Mark & Marie Row - Halley 86/ Rothera 87
Mike & Sarah Tracey - Halley 86/ Signy 87
Adrian Bateman - Halley 87/88
Ben Chappel - Halley 86/87
Pat & Sarah Lurcock - Halley 86/87
Gary Whitehead - Halley 86/87
Mark Midwinter - Halley 87
Steve Ault- Halley 85/86
Andy Sweetman - Halley 87 & Signy 81/82?

We met up on the Friday evening and Mike set up a barrel of local ale on tap in the kitchen and everyone had a good catch up current events and reminiscing of some old ones.

Saturday was provided with a great full English followed by a walk up the waterfall gorges of Ingleton. Some braved an extended walk up Ingleborough, whilst others hit the local climbing wall.

Saturday Scradge was a curry provided by Mike T. and washed down with another barrel of ale with toasts to Halley followed by a slide show of interesting shots. Mainly fids dressed up as ladies or various shots of people out cold on the floor of the bar. (The wooden Phallus did make some appearances in some of these slides. Who did Carve It?) It was more interesting for the partners who hadn't seen many of these before!!

Another late night was had by all and several bottles of Malt later put an end to the night/early morning.

Sunday was another fine English and most headed home apart from Me & Claire, Gary W. & Mark M. who enjoyed a sober up walk to Gaping Gill.

Everyone who attended really enjoyed meeting up again after many years and all agreed we should continue to get together every few years to cement what was for a lot of us some of the most memorable times in our lives.

29 March 2008
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