Pictures by Dale Heaton

(Halley Builder 1985/86)

Picture by Dale Heaton
Frozen in Berg round by Gin Bottle after a skidoo round the coast from Windy Creek. (1986) Me & Keith Christie - Genny Mech

Ice caving
Picture by Dale Heaton
Me Ice caving following the lead in from the cave of Windy Creek as far inland as possible. We usually found a hole in the roof we could escape from.

Gin Bottle
Picture by Dale Heaton
My 1st time down a crevasse at Gin Bottle. Bizarre light. Also never saw and upturned bergy bit like this again!

Picture by Dale Heaton
Me, Mark Row (Met Man), Mike Howes (Tractor Mech) & Keith Christie (Genny Mech) 1986 - down at the penguins in penguin suits.
Would be good to find Keith Christie again as never seen him or heard from him since our return in 1987, so if you are out there Keith, get in touch? After sharing a pit room for 2 years it would be good to catch up for a beer again!

1 September 2017
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