Halley 1 last seen

Halley 1 seen in the ice cliffs
Halley-I seen in the ice cliffs, Jan/Feb 1980.
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Pete Jenkins:

This image is from page 38 of the book of the German Antarctic Expeditions of 1979/80 and 1980/81 (when Georg-von-Neumeyer Station was built).

Title: Antarktis Expedition, Deutschlands neuer Vorstoß ins ewige Eis
Author: Heinz Kohnen
Publisher: Gustav Lübbe Verlag, Bergisch Gladbach
Published: 1981
ISBN: 3-7857-0289-2
Picture caption: Die 1957/58 versunkene erste Halley Bay Station tritt an der Schelfeiskante wieder ans Tageslicht. (The original 1957/58 Halley Bay Station reappears to the light of day at the edge of the ice shelf.)
Picture attribution: D. Möller, Braunschweig.

The book's text suggests that the photograph was taken from Polarsirkel when that boat was chartered by the Germans for the 79/80 expedition, and taken during January or February 1980.

I was at Halley when they visited in early 1980.

[29 May 2005]

From its shape, this looks like the Generator Shed. -- Ed.

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