Bransfield departs Mobster Creek

(from the BAS Archives)

At 0600L on the 22nd Bransfield left Mobster Creek for a short cruise up and down the coast. She returned at 1700L to pick up Alan Rodger and Brian Gardiner. There was a mass exodus from the base, leaving only the minimum on base to complete met obs and ensure its safety. As we drove down onto the sea ice and out towards the ice front it was noticed that the ice was moving up and down due to the heavy swell. A quick about turn followed and the Snocats were parked at the foot of the ramp. Everyone then made their way the ship on foot and only the ones with good nerves made the climb up the rope ladder onto the ship for the final goodbyes. These were short and sweet due to the rapidly deteriorating condition of the sea ice. The gauntlet was run again and amid waves and shouts and the occasional flare, the Bransfield slipped away. The next day Mobster Creek was visited and all the sea ice had gone, right back the foot of the ramp.
Nice timing!
1980 Base Report. From the
BAS Archives.

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