Halley audio tape, 1972

by Norman Eddleston

The Halley audio tape I put online last year was one of two I recorded at about the same time in 1972. The second one is on a reel-to-reel tape which had a mixture of audio recordings and music, switched between mono and stereo and the speed changed from 3-3/4 to 7-1/2 at times. I could not find a cassette tape copy of this master tape, although Paul Brangham has just confirmed that I sent him one in 2002, but I have now dumped the reel-to-reel recording and made an mp3 file on my Google drive.

There is some overlap with the other 1972 tape during the midwinter dinner, but the quality is better on this one. The rest is nearly all new stuff. Of particular interest is Gordon Devine describing the tank filling operation, followed by him then filling two tanks. I also taped Paul Brangham's battle with the turdicle, although he was not aware at the time that he was being recorded.

The tape was made in 1972, however, there is a section from 1971 which I think is a copy of something Trevor Thomas or John Nockels recorded in the Beastie Hut late that year during the big iceberg scare.

The running order is:
00:00 Beastie noises
00:05 Norman and Paul B. visit the dogs (Geophysics Office/up ladder/Auroral Hut/genny noise)
09:32 Paul Brangham discusses peppermint creams and sherry
10:31 A walk around base - main corridor, dining room, bondu bar, genny shed
12:24 Doing a met ob. with Trevor Boyt at midnight
17:40 Recording time stamp - Halley Bay 5th May 1972. Silence in a snow storm at Auroral Hut
18:42 Conversation with Dillon the cat - mainly him breathing into the mic.
19:25 Brian Jenkins at the Beastie Hut
20:05 Tank filling described by Gordon Devine
20:50 Tank filling performed by Gordon Devine
24:03 Midwinter 1972 speeches, reading of telegrams, etc.
42:37 Paul Brangham fighting the Turdicle down the Bog (with Dave Fletcher)
46:50 The Bog again, at a later date. Chopping down the Turdicle
47:45 Pups in the Met Office (with Roger Daynes)
49:20 Gordon Devine, Bob Paterson, The Beastie, Trevor Thomas, Ron Loan, Paul Brangham, John Nockels
        (probably recorded by Trevor Thomas or John Nockels in August or September 1971 in the Beastie Hut)
57:22 John Nockels.
57:49 End


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