Racal Receiver

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Racal receiver
Photo by Hwfa Jones
Racal receiver

Hwfa Jones:

I recently acquired this Racal receiver which may bring a tear to the eye of any met man who used the old 'Windmill' sondes which were phased out in 1971 in favour of the Graw sondes. Used to find the PTU signal at something like 27.5 megs as far as I can remember? It was racked with the 'Cossor'. Once again another piece of everyday FID equipment has become a relic - this had been restored by one of the few guys left who can use an AVO and knows what a valve is. It weighs about 50 lbs or so - I wonder if the Halley receivers were salvaged from Halley 2 and remain in the new bases?

[21 Apr 2007]

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