Norman Eddleston

I noticed there is not much mention of golf clubs at Base-Z although an early 9-hole golf course is described. Clubs existed at Halley-1 for sure because I was involved in their recovery. My diary entry for Sunday 9th May, 1971 says that Paul Brangham and I went to the "Old Base" and had a look at the Office Block. I wrote that "I dug out six golf clubs, one whole, one bent, two shattered and two heads" That is a bit ambiguous, but luckily I mention in my weekly summary later that "I took six golf clubs from the old base Office Block after a bit of digging and hope to do something with them. There is one wood head and a steel (bent shafted) wood among the six. All the metal heads are rusted and need cleaned"

The above begs the question, who brought them down and who used them originally?

I have several mentions in my own diary of use in 1971 and 1972 by myself, Hwfa Jones and John Flick. In fact, I have scanned two photographs of John Flick and myself, possibly the undisputed masters of golf in the entire Antarctic continent at that time, in action. John is in the cap and I am in the hair. Photos taken on 12th December, 1972.

[30 October 2006]

David Limbert describes golfing at Halley Bay in his Oral History interview, beginning at 1 min 49 s. [19 May 2023]

John Flick golfing
Picture by Norman Eddleston
John Flick golfing

Norman Eddleston golfing
Picture supplied by Norman Eddleston
Norman Eddleston golfing

19 May 2023

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