The British Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

Update - May 2007

The Fund now stands at nearly 2000, so we're getting there and essentially we now have enough money to ensure that a bronze plaque can be cast naming all the British Antarctic dog teams. However the growth of the fund to the target of 6,000 and the casting of a full size dog is now much more certain as donations continue to come in from people all over the world.

One small example of this is the recent offer by the Antarctic painter Michael Skidmore. Mike has painted some extraordinary Antarctic scenes some of which are displayed on his website There is no doubt that these paintings are in an artistic sense 'important' and represent an artistic record that could only be produced by someone who travelled widely with the dog teams in Antarctica. When you hold a Skidmore painting you see not just the scene that captures an historical moment, but a flow of the Antarctic colour with spontaneity and feeling that is more than could be expected. Somehow Mike captures the 'soul' of the Antarctic in his works, more than art can impart.

But there is much more, the scenes are accurate down to the finest detail. Each team is recognizable, each dog a perfect portrait, each man exactly dressed in the clothes he wore at the time, each sledge perfectly represented with the exact load taken on that journey.

They are as valuable for our time as were the paintings of Edward Wilson in Scott's. In that sense they are priceless.

Mike has generously offered The Fund a portrait of Changi - the lead dog with the Hobbits in the late 60's and early 70's. The painting is now open to bids (send your bid to the treasurer of the Fund).


Bidding we hope will be facilitated for international bidders by putting the picture on eBay on 1st December and the auction will end on the 10th.

The winner will also get a record of Changi's sledging journeys assembled from his dog card and submissions from those who sledged with him all over the Antarctic plateau, sea ice, shelf ice and the Shackleton Mountains.

The Doggy Men Also, still available is the book:- The Doggy Men which was written to help contribute some initial funding for the memorial and can be bought for 5 (minimum) from the treasurer of the Dog Memorial Fund. A copy of this is maintained on eBay; again to facilitate donations internationally.


Graham Wright, Treasurer
Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund
39 Bryn Meadows
Newtown Powys SY16 2DS
Tel: 01686 624077 (wk. 01686611206)

Cheques (UK Bank only please) should be to "The Sledge Dog Memorial Fund". Please include your postal address and name so donors to the fund can be recorded.

Paypal can be used with any credit card to

Postage 1 per book UK, or 2.50 overseas - or the actual postage cost if you require more than 1 copy - email Graham or estimate this and send enough to cover postage.

For any additional information on the fund please continue to look at the pages on Z Fids, Cool Antarctica and The Fan Hitch or contact:-

Hwfa Jones
47 Penkett Road
Wallasey, Merseyside CH45 7QG
Tel: 0151 201 0249

1 June 2007
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