The Beer Machine

Hwfa Jones:

Below is a picture of the Bar with a very pensive Andy Smith pouring a beer and the Beer Machine built by John Nockels in the corner.

An empty can inserted at the top magically became a full one at the bottom after various bumps, whirls, liquid bubbling and flashing lights. The spinning Radio Sonde on the top was an integral part of the magic.

This very much impressed the Americans who flew in and offered massive sums for the technology. They tried to bribe us with a sledge full of Shlitz ("The beer that made Milawaukee famous") but we dismantled it for other projects as the electronic bits on base were in short supply.

John had lots of time to do this sort of project as he entirely automated the Ozone sounding equipment (The Beastie). It is rumoured that The unsupervised machine produced results leading to the ridiculous conclusion that the Ozone Layer at the poles was missing and cost us all a fortune in extra taxation as Tony Blair blamed us and required our cash to help him adjust the radiation output of the sun to control the perfectly natural process of global warming. (All continental bases in Antarctica have remained as cold or are colder than 35 years ago)

[21 Aug 2006]

[I believe the Beastie actually sounded the ionosphere rather than the ozone layer -- Ed.]

The bar at Halley II
Photo by Hwfa Jones
The bar at Halley II, February 1971

The beer machine
Photo by Hwfa Jones
The beer machine (detail of the photo above)

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